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Baby Rodriguez

Here are a few pics of our little guy.  You can't tell from in the pictures, but he has cheeks just like Brandon did when he was little.  It was a magical experience seeing him.  Enjoy!

His hand was in front of his face almost the entire time.  In this shot, he brought his foot up too.  He was moving around like crazy, so getting a great shot was almost impossible. 

Smiling for the camera.

All scrunched up.

This is the best shot we got of him.  Isn't he just precious.  


Bathroom Remodel


my lovely outfit that brandon so thoughtfully wanted to capture for the rest of you to see. and yes, i do fit into his pants now. i had to pull them up so high because my shirt kept creeping up and my belly was freezing. oh the pains of being pregnant.

one more. just in case the last one wasn't embarrassing enough.

after (martha stewart....cake stand blue)


new beginnings...

we are officially moved in to our charming little house here in portland. things are still in a bit of a disarray, but we are getting settled slowly. we can't wait to bring our sweet baby boy to his new home. here are some pics of our lives as of late.

30 weeks

Huckabee being cute

A view of the snow storm from our living room window