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Highlights from Kylee's visit

The dogs weren't too into the whole decorating thing.  They much preferred laying on the back of the couch gazing out the window....

or in their new crate that Kylee made them out of an empty moving box.

The decorator (on the left) and her assistant (on the right)

The dogs adored Kylee.  I think Ziggy might have gone home with her.  
Our little home. 

Nursery Pics

Kylee was nice enough to face her fear of flying (with a little help!) and come up for the weekend to help me decorate the nursery.  She was sooooo much help.  There is no way the room would have been half as cool had she not come.  We had to work like dogs to get it all done in the short period she was here, but we managed to pull it off.  It's not too shabby if I do say so myself.  Thank you, Aunt Kylee.  So, without further ado... 

Brandon painting the door.  He also assembled the crib.  He wasn't too into the decorating, but he said putting the crib together was his right of passage.  

Kylee painted leaves on the wall to match the bedding.  They look awesome. 

Changing table, shelf and bookcase

Rocking chair, crib and momma

Inside view of the crib