I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


Bella Baby Photos

The hospital has a professional photography company come and take pics of all the newborns a few days after they are born.  Ryder's turned out great.  Here is one, but if you would like to see more go to:

Click on the website link
Go to client (towards the bottom)
The password is ryderjoseph

I just looked at them again to make sure I was giving the right instructions.  He looks so much younger.  It's only been three weeks!  Enjoy.

Ryder's first bath

The first bath was such a success.  He seemed to enjoy it or at least be too freaked out by it to cry.  Either way it was much less stressful then the washcloth baths we had been giving him.  It is for sure a two person job though.


The life and times of Ryder...

So sorry about the long wait for pics.  We are starting to get into more of a routine, so I will be more on top of the blog.  Ryder is just precious.  He really is a great baby.  We are so blessed.  Here are some pics of the last few weeks. 

Ryder LOVES his swing.  When he is fussy and all else fails, the swing never lets us down. 

Happy guy!

Ready for bed