I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


2 months

I'll say it again.  Where has the time gone?  These two months have flown by.  I couldn't get a picture with his legs straight, but you can obviously tell he has grown from his one month photo.  Also, as of today Ryder now weighs in at a whopping 10.5 pounds.     


Back in routine

After a rough couple of days Ryder is finally back into his routine and being him sweet self again.  All that lovin' he got in Indiana really wore him out.  

Here are two adorable outfits I got at my showers in Indiana.  He almost doesn't fit into these 3 month shorts when he has his cloth diaper on.  Crazy how fast they grow.  


The calm before the storm

Last night when Brandon got home from work, Ryder was in the calmest mood.  Our usual wiggly worm was just relaxed as could be in his daddy's arms.  If only I had known it was the calm before one heck of a night, I might have snuck in an evening nap.  

I also discovered a guaranteed way to make Ryder smile.  Sing Old McDonald.  Gets this reaction every time.  

Trip to the airport

I swear there are magnets on the sides of Ryder's car seat that attract his head while he is sleeping.  We often find him in the most uncomfortable looking position with his head practically resting on his chest.  Problem solved.  We put one of those airport pillows that go around your neck on his head.  It worked like a charm. :)  We were pretty proud of ourselves.

Papa Joe and Ryder 


Okay, okay enough with the highlights already

Man, I guess I got carried away with the photos from the weekend.  There were just so many good ones.  Trust me, I could have gone on and on.  But I will end on this note. 

Ryder and I before my lovely shower.  We got lots of goodies and had a great time.  I am still wondering why anyone would name their baby Diva Muffin????

Poor Ryder was a tad fussy being out of his routine, but I still love this picture.  

Ryder got a new bouncy seat with things hanging he could play with.  He loved it.  He was taking practice swings and just staring at the animals.  It was too cute.  

There are no words for this one.

Bath time with Grammy.  I adore this picture.  He just looks so content and peaceful.  

Highlights Continued

Ryder (8 weeks) and Owen (4 weeks)
Holding Hands

The beginning of a long friendship

Even more highlights

Highlights Continued

Highlights Continued

Four Generation Photos

Smiling for Gma Z

Highlights from our trip to Indiana

We made it home safe and sound about 10:30 last night.  The flight home went as smoothly as the flight to Indiana.  It appears we have ourselves a content little flyer.  Only time and more flights will tell.  It was so sad to go, although, it will be nice to have a quiet day today.  Ryder is fast asleep in his swing, a staple in his daily routine which he has been without since Thursday.  I am going to post some highlights of our trip.  As you can imagine I have a million bajillion photos I could post but there are bags to unpack and a baby to care for, so you'll have to settle for just a few.  

Ryder's Rosebud tree

Ryder enjoyed lots of snuggle time with the grandparents.  Sorry, Dad, the picture of you and Ryder is still on my camera.  I can't seem to find the cord to put them on the computer in our bags.  I will post it later.  



Hopefully Ryder does a lot of this today, so I can get all the packing done.  See you all very, very soon.  


Just hanging out

I walked the Back Cove today.  Ryder slept the entire 3.5 miles.  He sure likes to go on walks.