I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


3 Months/ 13 Weeks

What a big baby Ryder is getting to be. Here are some things he is doing at three months...
*smiling non stop
*drooling non stop :)
*sitting calmly and looking at books with me
*holding his head up
*grabbing, pulling, holding things
*trying to put everything he grabs in his mouth
*laughing (occasionally)
*cooing at people and random things
*playing with his hands and feet
*loving to sit upright or stand up
*He just rolled over this morning while I was trying to take his picture. He didn't know what he was doing, but it is a start to mobility.
*Brightening every single day.
3 months ***

2 months
1 month

*** I had to change locations because Ryder was too long to get his full body in the camera screen from my angle while he was in his crib.


Ryder's Lovin' His Rug

I laid Ryder on his rug this afternoon and he played contently by himself with his caterpillar rattle while I did some things around the house. He is starting to entertain himself quite nicely. It's amazing to see him learn to play more and more everyday. I tried to snap an action shot, but the minute he sees the camera he can't take his eyes of it.

Sweet Sunday

There was a lot of relaxing going on yesterday as we spent the day lounging around the house and loving on our sweet boy.


No Pink Pants Day

Brandon attended the "No Pink Pants Men's Event" today. He and eleven other guys spent the day dueling it out in a bunch of different "strong men" type competitions. Ryder and I helped babysit six kids. Well Ryder just hung around, I did most of the helping. But it was a fun time had by all. I didn't take any pictures today! Can you even believe it? Rather than leave all of Ryder's faithful blog followers waiting I decided to upload a few random cute pics from the past week.
Yes, we are still waiting for summer to come. Can you believe he can where this outfit comfortably in mid-June. Although I am somewhat glad because he will be too big for it next winter.
Ryder was wearing his Purdue bib, so I decided to put his Purdue booties on him. They don't fit quite yet, but he had fun playing with them. It is amazing how much his interest in toys (and yes, to a baby shoes count as a toy) has grown in the past couple of weeks.
Just wanted you to see his neck holding abilities.


12 Weeks...

First Night in His Own Crib

I finally broke down and moved Ryder to his own crib in his own room as sad as it made me. He is such a good sleeper, so it wasn't an inconvenience to have him in our room in his Moses Basket. But he out grew the basket and was beginning to wake himself up by hitting the sides and bottom. Ryder did so well. I don't think it phased him, thankfully. I didn't do too bad either. I was a little sad but no tears were shed, thankfully:).

Ryder's last pic in his Moses Basket. Look how he almost touches the top and the bottom.
Ryder first night sleeping in his crib.
Here is Ryder greeting me in the morning when I went to get him up.


The Jig

Ryder has started doing a little jig when he gets really excited. It is very entertaining. Here he is in his sleep sac before bed last night jigging away.

Also, I think he is a few days from discovering his thumb:(. We really don't want him to suck his thumb because we don't want to have to break the habit in the future. He doesn't really show interest in his pacifier when I give it to him and quickly spits it out. Any tips?


Happy Father's Day

I could write a novel about how amazing of a father Brandon is, but I will spare you the mushy ramblings of an adoring wife. Just know that Ryder is so blessed to have Brandon as his dad. I look forward to seeing their relationship deepen as Ryder grows. And in case you can't see it well, Ryder's shirt says "I'm Rad Like Dad".
To Our Fathers,
Thanks so much for the roles you have played in our lives. We love you both so much. Hope you have a wonderful Father's Day. Wish we were closer so we could spend the day with you.
Brandon and Alex

Didn't Make the Cut (Take 2)

In true Ryder fashion, he made it very difficult for us to get a good picture this fine Father's Day. Sound familiar? Maybe like this time? Here are some of the out takes.
First, Ryder shuts his eyes.
Then Brandon shuts his eyes.
All together now.
Proof lightening can strike twice.


Ryder's Dancing Debut

Here's Ryder dancing with the Wii game. I think he would have been perfectly content just to watch Rob and Christy dance though. Brandon and I got a kick out of it.

A Night On the Town with a Little Wii Mixed In

Here's Ryder all ready to go and meet a friend at the mall. And, yes, I am aware it is June. Apparently Mother Nature is not, so I must dress my child like this. Ryder stayed awake the entire four hours we were at the mall. He loves to be held facing forward, so he can soak in all the lights, colors and people.
Later, we got dress up and went out to eat with our friends, Rob and Christy. Ryder was perfect! He slept from the time we left the house until his next feeding. It was wonderful to eat a meal all the way through without having to worry about him. Maybe I should tucker him more often before nights out on the town. (Notice the white blob in the picture. Ryder's under there snoozin' away)
Then we went to Rob and Christy's to play the Wii. Ryder was a natural. Look at him with the Wii remote.
Look at the slobber on Ryder's shirt. He has quickly turned into a slobber machine. It keeps coming and coming.
We played this really fun dancing game. Ryder was enthralled with all the movement. Look at him twisting around to gaze at Rob dancing.


Hanging Around the House

Some pics from our day. Nothing too exciting just a normal day around the house. Except for the laugh of course. He hasn't done it again. Brandon is really anxious to see/hear it. Oh yeah, and I schooled Brandon in Monopoly. Hee hee.