I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


Four Months

Length wise Ryder doesn't look much different from his 3 month photo, but he has certainly filled out. He has rolls on his arms and legs and his belly is starting to spill over his pants. Here are some things he is doing at four months...
* Rolling onto his side
*Blowing spit bubbles
*Making noises nonstop
*Grabbing and holding everything
*Has great control of his neck muscles
*Drooling on everything
*Trying to stick anything in his mouth
*Loving his Bumbo

As the last two photos show his monthly bear pictures are going to get a bit more difficult to capture since Ryder has now discovered that he can grab and eat the bear.

Seasoned Traveler

Patiently waiting for our flight.

Is that a Pink Towel?

What's a mom to do when she needs to bathe her tough, manly baby boy at the house of the girly girl she knows?

This pic is for Brandon. Apparently, your son is not too happy about the towel color.

Sitting Pool Side

Ryder got to experience his first trip to the pool while we were Indiana with my Aunt Mary and her two girls, Georgia and August. Ryder liked his toes being in the kiddy pool but no more. It was very cold which I think was the cause of his displeasure with the water.

An umbrella, really? Us whities from Maine haven't seen the sun at all this summer. The last thing I wanted was a burn on my not even four month old. On a side note check out Ryder's pose. Do you think his mom has taken one too many pics if he starts coming up with new poses before he can walk?

Ryder loved just hanging out on dry land and practicing his standing. Maybe the water will have to wait for next summer.


Ryder Getting His Daddy Fix

WE MISS YOU, BRANDON/ DADDY! See you Tuesday. Love ya lots

Sweet Sleepy Sounds

Here is a sneak peek at the new noise Ryder makes as he drifts asleep. The boy will do anything to keep himself awake just a little longer.


Johnny Jumper (take two)

It's amazing how much better Ryder has gotten in his Johnny Jumper in just a month. He had a ball in it the other day. He's still not aware that he can make himself bounce, but he loves to spin and be independent.



Elkhart County Fair

What is a trip to Indiana without visiting a county fair?

Ryder was in awe of all the flashy lights on the rides.


My Grandma, Zora Mae Kinder (05/22/1923-07/11/2009)

There are no words to express all that my grandma meant to me and my family. I won't even try because it wouldn't ever be enough. I am so thankful she got to meet my little boy and my heart aches that he won't get to know her. She was just so wonderful. Here we are on her 86th birthday. How many people can say their grandma looks more stylish than they do? I was blessed to get to come home from Maine to be with her and my family during her last days. I will cherish the memories forever.
Keep Me In Your Heart by Warren Zevon

A Few Pics from the Past Few Weeks In Indiana

Although our time here has been filled with great sadness and loss there have been good times as well.

Bath at Gma and Gpa Rodriguez's

First Trip to the Park

I have to be honest this is Ryder's first reaction to the swings at Spencer Park but he was just a hungry boy.
After a quick feeding Ryder seemed to enjoy his park experience.

Oh Pickle

I suspect Ryder could be starting to teeth. Tonight he was all out of sorts after his bath. He was extra slobbery and looking for something to chomp. Brandon's Aunt Jan suggested using a pickle as a teether. Desperate times call for desperate measures. After a good washing of the pickle we handed the goods to Ryder. It soothed him and he chewed away for a good thirty minutes before the pickle became a little soggy.

Look how flat he made the end of the pickle. Look at him eyeing it after Grammy took it for a quick pic.