I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


Happy Half Birthday, Ryder Joseph

Things Ryder has been up to this month
*Sitting up unassisted
*Pulling himself into a standing position
*Gaining so much coordination with his hands
*Weening himself off of his pacifier (He did this on his own. Sometimes I wish he hadn't :) )
*Loving rough play (being thrown in the air, getting tickled, etc)
*Eating rice cereal
*Sticking out his tongue constantly (He is even doing it in this month's pic)
*Enjoying long walks in the stroller

15 pounds and 14 ounces (22nd percentile)
25 1/4 inches (12th percentile)

6 months

5 months

4 months

3 months

2 months

1 month
He also had his 6 mo. check up today. Dr. thought he was doing fantastic. Those were his exact words. That's nice to hear as a mamma. Brandon tagged along for the first time. He got to witness Ryder getting four shots. Sad, I know. He is fine now sitting next to me playing with his toys.


Like Father, Like Son, Like Grandpa

Ryder and Brandon both at 5 months and some change.

Now here are Ryder and my dad. It is crazy to me how much they look alike also.


A Simple Little Saturday

No big adventures here. Just hanging around the chilly house. After a few BEAUTIFUL days we finally had to break down and turn on the heat. Boo. It seems Ryder is doing something new everyday. Here's a peek at our day and our sweet boy.
Playing with Daddy.

Brandon took this one because he thought he looked like a football player.

He can ride in the cart now. Although he strongly prefers to be carried through the store, much to dislike of his mother's back.

Ryder fell asleep on a walk. Rather than wake him Brandon just brought the humungous stroller in the kitchen so he could finish his nap.


Life of the Party

Last night Ryder entertained the guests at our friend's birthday party. Hey, you gotta dress them up while they'll let you.


And So the Game Begins

Ryder's newest delight: Pulling all his toys out of the basket just for the fun of it. And that red dot on his forehead is his first mosquito bite. :(


There Was an Old Woman Who Lived In Shoe

LL Bean Headquaters

***Although it doesn't appear to be the case, there was someone on both sides to assure he would not fall off the giant boot.


Dance Party

Ryder could not get enough of this move Brandon busted out during last night's dance party. Don't ask me where in the world he got it, but Ryder was eating it up.


Mommy's Bad

Lest any of you were considering nominating me for mother of the year. I have a confession.
In my defense, he had just woken up from a nap. Who knew he would fall back asleep so quickly?

When I was trying to get him in a more comfy position he woke up.
From the looks of it I don't think he is going to hold this little incident against me. (Note the red cheek)


The Wooden Spoon

Stirrer of spaghetti sauce
Entertainer of babies

Helping mothers 'round the world cook dinner in more ways than one.


Melt My Heart Moments

Nakey Baby

I walked into the room to find this sweet moment. Brandon and Ryder just hanging out together. I could have cried. I remember imagining this when I was pregnant and now it is our life. So. Much. Fun.

It's Never Too Early to Start Living Vicariously Through Your Son


Starting Solids

We gave Ryder his first taste of rice cereal today. We gave him a T of cereal mixed with 3T of breast milk. I had read that usually babies don't eat that much the first few feedings. He devoured all of it. Well, he tried to devour it all. I am guessing about as much ended up on him, the table and me as in his belly.
The Aftermath


We Have Ourselves a Sitter

Laying and reclining are no longer acceptable to our little guy. Better pics to come of Ryder's newly met milestone. Just wanted to let you know what he has been up to the past few days: lots of sitting.


Me and My Baby

Ryder spent quite a bit of time in the Baby Bjorn during our stay-cation with the Hankins. It was nice to kind of relive the good ol' pregnant days and have my sweet boy so close again.

Only this time I could pass him off to his daddy when I started to ache:)


When In Maine

A true Maine visit is not complete with out some sort of boat ride. The Hankins' visit was no exception. We went lobstah' fishing. It was a blast. I had Ryder in the baby carrier the whole time, but Brandon, Laura, and Jimmy got all geared up and helped to catch some lobsters and all the work that comes along with it. Typically, there would have been a number of other people on the boat, but we were lucky and it was just us and the captain. We got to do everything and learn a lot about lobsters. Who knew they could be so fascinating?

Baiting the traps. (with dead fish, I might add)

Helping Captain Dave band the lobster's claws.

After we were done fishing, we were able to buy the lobsters at "boat" price and take them to a neighboring restaurant to be cooked for a small fee.

Ryder was very entertained by the napkins and all the lobster eating.

We also went on another hike in the White Mountains to see the tallest water fall in the state. Ryder was so worn out he fell asleep while laughing. If you look close at the pic you can see him still smiling in his sleep.
Arethusa Falls. Yes, Laura and I match and no we didn't plan it.

Best Buds