I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


Block Time

We figured out a way to include Jack in the block playing fun.
 Then of course Ryder had to sit in the lid.


A Little Game We Play

In case it's confusing, we're sliding a book back and forth under the door.  Who needs toys?


Christmas 2010

Not many pictures.  We were too busy enjoying ourselves.  Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas.


And the Gift Giving Begins

Starting to rip
 What could it be?
Look at the concentration
 Gotta put some air in the tires before it's ready
 And we're off
Just a little afraid of the horse and 
 enamored with the tool set


Merry Christmas Eve Eve

Today marks the beginning of our four days of Christmas celebrations.  We're excited, especially Jack.


My little darlings

met Santa today.  And let me just say the picture is a gem.  Stay tuned.  For now here's some random cuteness to hold you over while you wait for the first Rodriguez Santa picture.


Big Boy Baths

Ryder ditched the whale bathtub finally.  He now bathes in a kid indoor swimming pool (aka our guest bath) and has a blast.
We taught Ryder to eskimo kiss recently.  He now insists on doing it to everything even water (see above picture).


Merry Christmas To Me

After a long nap I noticed Jack's diaper was pretty dry.  So I put him on the potty just to see if he would go, and HE WENT!  You know I'm a believer that you can never start too early.  I started putting Ryder on at six months.  Let's hope he learns to go number two soon.  One can hope right?  While Jack was on the potty Ryder (completely on his own, I might add) brought him a book.  So stinkin' sweet.
 Plus after nearly a month and a half of living washer and dryer-less these beauties were delivered yesterday.  I've had a full day of laundry and couldn't be more thankful for them.  Ryder thinks they are pretty cool too.


Would you just assume this baby was a girl?

Twice today Jack got called a girl.  They weren't asking.  They just called him a girl and kept on talking.  Poor little guy.  Guess we'll have to dress him in all blue from now on.  
And this guy is just plain crazy.  I think he has himself a case of cabin fever.  He runs all over the place leaving a path of destruction where he goes.


Over the River and Through the Woods to Grandmother's House We Go

On Sunday the fam was out doing a little Christmas shopping.  We ran by my mom's house to drop something off.  Brandon waited in the car with the boys while I ran inside because I was just dropping something off.  And then nine hours later we left.  What can I say?  It's like a black hole that sucks us in. We can't resist all the fun and food that lies within.  And the company isn't too bad either.
Ryder helped decorate the tree.
Jack got lots of snuggle time.  He also got his first hair trim (at the mall earlier that day).  Can you tell?  His hair was seriously out of control.  It was kind of a spur of the moment decision, so I don't have any pictures.  My justification is that it was really just a trim, so it doesn't really count as his first hair cut, just a trim.  But he does look great.