I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


10 Months

What Ryder has been up to this month:
*Babbling constantly
*Cruising and scooting everywhere
*Pulling himself up on everything
*Spending his first night in an airport during his fourth round trip flight of his lifetime
*Loving his walking toy
*Becoming a very picky eater
*Being very social. He loves everyone especially kids.
*Getting into cupboards, drawers, etc

19 pounds and 12 ounces (27th percentile)
27 1/2 inches (14th percentile)

Ten Months
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One Month



Of all the new things Ryder has learned my favorite, hands down, is giving kisses. If I'm down on the floor playing with him, he will just pull himself up on me and plant a big open mouth, slobbery kiss on my cheek. But don't expect a kiss for nothing. No siree, he doles his smooches out on his own terms. He knows just how to work us, but it's worth it.


Mall Walking

Tonight we headed to the mall to get out of the house.


One of the Joys of Parenthood

Using your son as a guitar. I promise this is not a staged photo. I was able to quickly grab the camera and sneak a pic during this father/ son rock moment.



It's Not All Rainbows and Butterflies Around Here

Most the posts from this blog show a smiley, happy baby. That's just because that is the fun stuff to post. We get our fair share of tears, spit up and dirty diapers. So here's a little glimpse into the not so pretty from our day today...


Christmas Loot

We received one of two boxes of our Christmas goodies that wouldn't fit into our suitcases. Ryder is beyond thrilled. (If you zoom in on his smile you can see his upper tooth popping through his gums.)


Booty Dancing

Lately, I have noticed that when music is playing Ryder will sway and bob his head. I wanted to try and get it for you guys to see. I must say even my expectations were exceeded with his performance.
This might be my favorite Ryder video of all time. Is there anything cuter than a 9 month old booty dancing? Plus it is just a little glimpse of how he is starting to understand us more and respond in ways we can understand.

Say Cheese

Taking pictures is so much easier when the baby just lays there. I have about fifty pictures that don't show his face because by the time the camera flashes he is off to the next destination. Here is feeling his new tooth.


41 Weeks, 1 Day

Ryder is 41 weeks and one day today
He has officially been out in the world as long as he was growing in my belly. Here is one of the last pictures before he made his grand entrance.
As I was looking at my pregnancy pictures trying to find one to use for this post, I had to laugh at myself. Because I remember that I HAD to mop the floors (this was after my water broke mind you). Thankfully, my sweet momma agreed to do it for me while I was in the hospital.
Also, I couldn't believe how unbelievable huge my belly looks in this picture. And yes, we are bowling. We called it Operation "Get Baby Out". It included sitting on the birthing ball for way too long, many laps in the mall and bowling.
For the most part I enjoyed being pregnant, but I have enjoyed the past 41 weeks and a day so much more.


My Son

Not only did he inherit my feet. He also got my love of all things Doritos.
Trust me it was an accident that he got a taste of these cheesy gems. His new favorite activity is raiding the pantry. I put all kid friendly items on the bottom shelf, and so I wouldn't have to worry eveytime he got in there. I must have forgotten to put the chips on a higher shelf after the last time I ate them. Because I found this little sneak with an orange goatee helping himself to my loot. Hope he enjoyed them because he has a while before he gets anymore.


The Scoot

Who needs to crawl when you can scoot?

Sneaky One

Here's the little guy on one of his first "walks" with his new toy. We are amazed at how much better he has gotten in just a day. He seems to really like it, but he still prefers an actual person to walk him around. He will use his walker to come to one of us and then grab onto our pant leg until we give him our hands and go cruising with him. He's a sneaky one.


What Our Day Consisted Of...

And more walking.
Now Ryder is in bed and Brandon is icing his back. Such a good daddy!


Bye Bye

Here's a video of Ryder saying bye bye. It was the best I could get. Trust me. I have five other videos to prove it.
Excuse my high pitched voice. I guess its my Ryder voice. I am going to work on lowering it.


Consider Them Full

I don't know how many times people would smirk and say "Your hands are going to be full when he starts moving". Apparently, the resistance of trying to scoot on carpet for two weeks left Ryder with some serious arm muscles and the ability to scoot ANYWHERE on our hard wood floors. He has finally recovered from our horrendous trip to the airport and is going full speed today. His new favorite toys are the trash can, plugs (not plug ins just the metal on plugs), blind cords, dust bunnies (not that we have any of course) and basically anything else he is not supposed to get into. I have been on my toes today for sure. Brandon said last night "I think we need to baby proof". I think he's right.

As I am typing this Ryder is in his room taking books off the shelf. I am running every two minutes and checking on what he is in to. This time he managed to scoot over to the door, shut it and position himself right in front of it so it was hard to open. Seriously, he just turned nine months. Consider my hands full.


These two are sure to be good friends someday. But for now they basically just treat each other as another toy or sometimes a barrier between them and the toy they want. You can see from the video they were not messing around. They wanted that bear.

Look how much they have grown from their first meeting seven months ago.


Home Sweet Home

I am kicking myself for not taking more pictures of our time in Indiana. Oh well, we have the memories. Here are a few randoms for your viewing pleasure.

Oh what a journey we had back to Maine. Here's a quick synopsis:
-We arrived at Newark Airport at nearly the same moment there was a security breech. This resulted in us being stuck with no knowledge of what was going on for over 5 hours. We first waited in a small room waiting for a shuttle to Terminal C for a little over 2 hours. Then we were herded (yes, we felt like animals) back to the front of the airport to wait to go through security again. There were so many people there was barely room to sit so most people had to stand the entire time.
-We then had to go through security again. This took an hour. Luckily, we were one of the first people to get back through since we had a baby. It's now 12:30 AM. Ryder has slept maybe two hours.
-We were told our flight was one that would be actually be able to leave that night. Hooray!
-At 2:30 AM they cancelled our flight. By this time all the hotels are filled and the line to reschedule your flight is hundreds of people long.
-We decided to just try and get Ryder to sleep and get some sleep ourselves.
-Ryder slept maybe thirty minutes. I stayed up with him while he smiled at all the people. Brandon got about an hour of sleep. Then I slept for about an hour while Brandon walked Ryder around in his stroller for an hour before he fell asleep.
-We get on standby for a flight leaving at 8:40 AM. We don't get on. Ryder has slept maybe four hours at this point.
-We get on a standby for a flight leaving at 12:40 PM. It gets delayed until 1:30 PM. Ryder and I are able to get on, but we had to leave Brandon at the airport. Thankfully, Ryder crashed for the entire flight.
-Brandon was able to make it on a flight to Boston leaving around 2ish. Then he caught a bus to Portland.
-By 6 PM we are all home. Our luggage is no where to be found and our heat is broken, but we couldn't be happier not to be staying another night at the airport. I do believe Dante forgot to put being stuck at an airport over night as a level of hell.

Here are some positives of the whole experience:
-Ryder was an angel. Seriously, it was like the lack of sleep didn't affect him at all.
-We stood next to Tim and Elisabeth Hasselbeck for a while. She said Ryder has pretty eyes.
-We were only at the airport for one night. Our confirmed flight wasn't until 8:40 AM the next day, so it could had been two nights.
-Brandon's boss let him have the next day off, so he could re-coop. I don't know what I would have done without him. He dealt with the broken furnace and lost luggage.
-Ryder slept basically slept from 4PM to 6:30AM. I was able to get 14 hours of sleep.

**Also, I updated Ryder's nine months post. Check it out here.