I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


Memorial Day

Ryder's Memorial Day included a walk in his wagon, a BBQ at a friend's house, his first taste of watermelon and corn on the cob, his first skinned knee and first mosquito bite. Sounds like the All-American day to me.


Maine Wild Life Preserve

We headed up north about thirty minutes to visit an animal preserve.  We saw lots of animals native to the area.  Surprisingly, the cutest was by far the porcupine.  Who knew?  Best of all.....

This is something we have been wanting to do since we moved to Maine.  We can cross this off our bucket list.  


A Picnic Dinner

We ate dinner outside tonight on a blanket. Ryder nibbled his food at will in between throwing his ball and crawling in the grass. I think I can truly appreciate summer now that I have been through a winter at home with a baby. I was looking at the recent blog posts. We haven't had an inside picture in over a week. We are soaking up every minute we can get outside. Gotta love summer.


Swagger Wagon

Thank you Swing family. We love the deluxe wagon you got Ryder. I tested it out tonight with a long walk to a friend's house. It worked perfect. I don't want to rush one single second of my babies' lives, but I am so looking forward to pulling the two little guys in this when they are older. The whole time I was pulling Ryder this song was in my head.


Chasing the Animals

I was hoping that the water fountains would be turned on at the park since it's our third day of 90 degree weather here in Portland. They weren't, so we just walked around. There were animals everywhere. Ryder chased the ants, the ducks and a dog. Then as if the animals had complained to each other about the one year old bothering them, we got chased by a squirrel. I am not kidding. A little squirrel was fiercely defending this tree. I had visions of the squirrel going crazy and biting Ryder, so we quickly got away from the scary little rodent. It's so much fun now that he can walk around when we go to the park. I am loving this stage so much.

Walking the trail
Watching the ducks
I couldn't resist these chubby little piggies as he sat mesmerized by the passing ducks.


Willard Beach

Sometimes when Brandon leaves for work, I would give anything to switch him places. Don't get me wrong I love staying home the majority of the time, but it has its moments. Well, today was definitely not one of those days. Ryder, Baby Bean and I ventured to a yet unexplored (to us) beach of Maine with some friends. And yes, I say the three of us because as you can see by the last picture Baby Bean makes his presence noticed at all times now in these last few weeks of pregnancy. The water was again too cold to get in, but it was so nice to just sit by the water and enjoy the sunshine. Ryder just sat in the rocky sand, dug a hole that quickly filled with water, splashed, threw rocks and got really really dirty. I'm looking forward to many more beach trips before July 28th.


The Beach

One of the great things about living in Maine are the last minute trips to the beach. You can just go for an hour or two since it is a mere minutes from your house.
Despite this very serious face, I think he had fun. He liked playing with/ eating the sand. It was too chilly for the water. Hopefully, next time.
(I forgot my camera, so these pics are from my phone. Sorry for the bad quality.)


Just a Friendly Drive Through the Grocery Store

i just had to run in to get a few things, but I knew Ryder would love to sit in this fancy cart. Love it, he did. As if you couldn't tell by the look on his face.


30 Weeks

Here I am pregnant with Ryder at 30 weeks,
and here I am with Baby Bean at 30 weeks. Sadly, I look more like I did at
34 weeks with Ryder.
We had an appointment today. All is well. The baby's head is down and in position. The heart rate was 156. The end is near. Can't wait to meet you, Little Buddy.

Sweet Cheeks



I didn't take any pictures of Ryder today. We had a fun day though nothing special just lots of the usual. Here's a pic from one year ago. I can hardly believe he was such a peanut.


Lilac Bush

First, I wanted to show off my lovely lilac bush that greets us with its oh-so-good smell every time we step out of our house. I just love it. Secondly, I thought this picture was funny because here's Ryder's reaction upon seeing Brandon was home from work. I try to time it so we are outside when he pulls up.
Everything Ryder plays with gets a trip down the slide. Notice my shoe.


Momma's Shoes

Ryder's new fascination:

Old Port

We perused the Old Port last night and had a great meal at Flat Breads. Fun times were had by all. Ryder stayed up until 9 PM, and then slept until 7:30 AM this morning. It's the little things in life like an extra hour of sleep on a lazy Saturday morning.


Happy Birthday, Mommy

My gift from my darling son.
Apparently, I thought Ryder would be a little angel today, my 26th, which would never include unrolling the roll of toilet paper, throwing some lotion in the toilet, and splashing around in the water like its was a kiddy pool. And maybe would include bringing me my slippers. Let's hope my hubby has a better gift. :)


He Can Kill Me Later

I couldn't resist this picture. Nothing like reading a book with your toes while sitting on the pot. Life is good!

And just to let you know....Ryder is not potty trained by any means. If we catch him at the right time we can get him to go in the potty, but sadly most of the time he goes in his diaper.


We Heart Spring

It's been in the high 40s/ low 50s for a few days now, so we have been inside lately. Today it's in the high 50s, so we played outside for a little while. Ryder is a hoot toddling around everywhere. Also, big thanks Great Grandma and Grandpa Rodriguez for the new shoes. We finally found some tennis shoes that fit his fat little feet.


Help! I've fallen, and I can't get up.

Ryder just loves to try and reach things he can't reach. It didn't work so well for him yesterday. I just happened to be messing with my camera when he fell in so I snapped a quick pic before coming to his rescue. Don't worry. He was laughing with us the whole time and wasn't injured.


Mother's Day 2010

This year
Last year
Words can't express what a joy this year has been. I love everything about being a mother. Ryder is the delight of my life.

That is until The Biscuit arrives. Then he'll have to share the role, but there's room for both.
28 weeks 4 days


Happy Early Mother's Day

I taught Ryder a special trick just for his Grammy and Grandma.
Happy Mother's Day to both of you. We love you very, very much.


The Rodriguez Royal Rumble

Location: Bathtub
Date: Every single night
Time: 7ish
Fighters: Ryder vs. Daddy (Mom is no contest in this match up)

What Ryder lacks in size, he makes up for in tongue strength. It's like a mini anaconda who's only goal is to keep the toothbrush out of Ryder's mouth.