I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.



36 Weeks

Had another weekly Dr. appointment for The Biscuit. Everything looked great. I am one centimeter dilated and 70% effaced. Really it means nothing as far as progress, but I think it is cool because I was exactly the same at my 36 week appointment with Ryder. I also went another 5 weeks before I went into labor.
Here I am with Ryder at 36 weeks. And, there is no amount of money that could get me to take a bare belly shot now.


Watch Out Matthew Machonahay

We have another male headband lover in the world, and he's cuter.
I don't know if I have had a more enjoyable morning than this one. It was a much needed bright spot in the midst of a very fussy period for Ryder. I'm thinking teething and a small cold. Thankfully, this headband took all his pains away. And Ryder put the headband on all by himself which made him all the happier.


8 Months Down

1 to go.

Time until Wednesday, July 28, 2010 EST
29 days
700 hours
42019 minutes
2521163 seconds

Can you tell we're ready?

I was trying to help Brandon better understand exactly how I feel throughout the day. He was adamant we take a picture.
However, I think his belly is lighter.

Feeding the Ducks

We took some bread to feed the birds at the park
At first Ryder just wanted to eat the bread himself. Mind you, he won't touch the bread at home if we give it to him. I hope that he shares better with his little brother.


No Matter...

how big you get.
how many siblings come after you.
how much you can do on your own.
You'll always be my sweet baby boy.
I was watching Dylan the other day, and he laid down in Ryder's crib for his nap. I thought Ryder could just lay down after Dylan woke up. It was very obvious that was not the case. In desperation I tried to lay Ryder down in Baby Bean's bassinet. I was sure it wouldn't work, but within seconds Ryder was fast asleep.

Seriously, It Looks Like You Have a Basketball Under There


Big Boy Swing

"Dad, what are you getting me into?"
"Seriously, what are you getting me into?"
"Woohoo! This is fun!"
"Yeah, I can swing with the big kids now 'cause I'm cool like that."


His Face Says It All

Ryder took a trip to a public pool today. HE LOVED IT! I couldn't believe the difference from a few months ago when he was cool as a cucumber about the pool.
The water in these fountains was as cold as ice water. I am not exaggerating.
When Christy snapped this picture I said that I was pretty sure I have the exact same picture from a year ago. Sure enough. (FYI: If your hair was below your chin you had to wear a swim cap)


Four Years and Counting

Bebo Norman
A page is turned by the wind to a boy in curly grin
With a world to conquer at the age of ten
But as history unfolds and the storybook is told
He finds salvation but not at the hands of man

And the God of second chance
Picked him up and He let him dance
Through a world that is not kind
And all this time, preparing him, the one
To hold him up when he comes undone
Beneath the storm, beneath the sun
And now a man, here you stand
Your day has come
A page is turned in this world to reveal a little girl
With a heart that's bigger, as it is unfurled
By the language in her soul, that's teaching her to grow
With a careful cover of love that will not fail

And the God of second chance
Picked her up and He let her dance
Through a world that isn't kind
And all this time, preparing her the one
To hold her up when she comes undone
Beneath the storm, beneath the sun
And grown up tall, here you are
Your day has come
Beneath the air of autumn, she took him by his hand
And warm within the ardor, she took his heart instead
And high upon the mountain, he asked her for her hand
Just for her hand

A page is turned in this life, he's making her his wife
And there is no secret to the source of this much life
When the grace that falls like rain is washing them again
Just a chance to somehow rise above this land

Where the God of second chance
Will pick them up and he'll let them dance
Through a world that is not kind
And all this time, they're sharing with the one
That holds them up when they come undone
Beneath the storm, beneath the sun
And once again, here you stand
And once again, here you stand
Your day has come

Four years, seven houses, four states, two kids and so much more.
I can't wait to see what adventures lie before us in the next four.
Love you so much.


Purple Hat

Ryder and I helped our friend, Christy, babysit today. I forgot a hat, so Ryder had to wear one of Anica's girly purple hats. He made up for it by throwing balls, playing in the dirty water and other manly things like that.


Watching the Lawn Mower Man

These are not the same picture just cropped differently. I bet he didn't move for ten straight minutes while he was watching the lawn guys do their thing. Soon enough, buddy, you can mow our grass.


The Ladies Man

Here's how our night at the park went.....

Ryder tried desperately to ditch his folks so he could
look cool for all the ladies.
His other pick up methods included schmoozing from afar and
What are we going to do when he is sixteen???


Father's Day 2010

He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it. -CB Kelland
(Look what the humidity does to Ryder's curls)



Laughing at Daddy during dinner
Taking a break because pulling the couch cushions off the couch is hard work.
I heart watermelon.


34 Weeks

I was really hoping to have a 3-D picture of Baby Bean for the blog tonight since I had an ultrasound today.  However, the little guy was so low into my pelvis they couldn't get any shots of his face, so you'll have to settle for a belly shot. The ultrasound tech kept commenting on how low he was and that I must be so uncomfortable. It was nice to know there was a reason for all my whining discomfort. I was sure to relay that fact to my dear hubby.  The Biscuit was right on track growth wise.  Everything looked great. Crazy to think there are only 6 weeks until his due date. That's 42 days! Let's hope he is a little more prompt than his brother.

Fist Pumps for Bob Marley

So the other day I posted a video of Ryder watching his friend. I thought or I guess wanted to think it was his friend that drew him to the video. After yesterday I am thinking we just have a mini reggae lover. I was on the computer. We were listening to Pandora, and a Bob Marley song came on. I glanced over to see this. Ryder, your Auntie Charissa will be so proud.


Just In Case You Didn't Know


There is a lot of excitement for the World Cup in the Rodriguez household.  My dad gave us a booster, so we are able to pick up ABC and watch the game from home.  We are loving it.  I think Ryder sensed our excitement and would not go down for a nap.  Here are the boys enjoying US vs. England game.  

Here's our set up 'cause we're classy like that. :)

The last time we watched a World Cup game Brandon and I were in Jamaica on our honeymoon.  Time flies for sure, and although we loved watching the games in Jamaica I think I had more fun today.  Sappy but true.