I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.



Watching the construction outside our house is filling a lot of Ryder's time now that he can just jump up on his stool at will and look out the window.


Our Day

Aunt Kylee arrived today. Ryder helped pull her suitcase. Chivalry is alive and well.
Then he wanted to try on all of his brother's new clothes. Those are 0-3 month shorts he has on.
This evening we went bowling to try and get labor started. Nothing yet, but we had a lot of laughs.
Ryder ate grapes and enjoyed the entertainment of watching his big bellied mama try to bowl.


40 Weeks

Still no baby. Hopefully very soon. Here I am with what I hope to be my last belly shot of this pregnancy. I wore the same outfit as my last belly pic for my pregnancy with Ryder. And yes, I am aware that Ryder got a completely decorated nursery with all new stuff while Baby Bean's living quarters are a little less ideal. But trust me, he will be just as loved and hopefully just as photographed.
Baby Bean


Popham Beach 2010

Last year we went to this beach for Ryder's first view of the ocean. Today we went to the same beach for his first time to play in the ocean.
It took him less then two minutes to fall asleep in the car. He was worn out.


It's True....They Are ALWAYS Watching

Operation "Get Baby Bean Out" is under way. This includes sitting on my "birthing ball". I'm cheap, and instead of the real thing I just got a $2.99 bouncy ball from Target. Anyways, I was sitting on it the other night and Ryder pulled his up bouncy ball to join in the fun. They notice everything. It was a good reminder and hilarious at the same time.
This was just too irresistable not to post. Look at those precious footprints.


Undivided Attention

Ryder is loving every bit of it from his Grammy before his competition arrives.


Just Hanging Around

Sorry for the hiatus. Life has been sort of slow around here. Or maybe it's just me being slow. Here are a few randoms from the past few days.

I found Ryder asleep like this the other night.
I was soooo tired the other day, so I decided to let Ryder watch a video on Netflix while I laid on the couch. Twenty minutes later I got up to a pool party. Ryder had dumped his sippy cup of water and had a hay day. He was soaked, the floor was soaked, his hair was soaked and I felt much less tired. I think the nap was well worth it. And he's still rockin' out with the fist pump.
My mom arrived today and wore Ryder out. I don't know if I have ever seen him so manic. I had to take him into his room for a short rest. My belly sure helps to hold him up these days.
The other night I was aching to lay on my stomach. I made a little contraption with pillows that did the trick for a while.


You Can't Make This Stuff Up

So I'm outside with a friend and our kiddos when Ryder spots a man walking his dogs. He, of course, goes crazy with excitement. Upon looking closer we realize the man is also walking his pet SNAKE. Yep, right around his neck is curled his boa constrictor. We ask to take a picture. Then he says to me "I can't believe that thing (my belly) is real". Seriously, you are walking your snake, and I'm the weird one.
And just for your Ryder fix here he is enjoying lunch with Daddy the other day.


Ryder's Lovey

I might be the only one who loves this video, but I wanted to document it anyway. Recently, Ryder has started to snuggle with his lovey as he goes to bed. Up until this point he could care less about it. It just melts my heart.


The Stool

We rearranged our living room, so the couch was no longer in front of the big window. This was one of Ryder's favorite spots. Someone suggested we get him a little stool. Yesterday at Target I found one for $2.50. Best $2.50 spent in a long, long time.
He has practically spent all morning on his stool.
He has been intently watching the men work across the street.
He'll point and ooh at what they do.
Then he'll try to direct them from the house.
Then he turns around and emphatically tells me all about it.


Goodnight Kisses

Here's what all you July visitors have to look forward to when you come.
Ryder has officially graduated to a close mouth kiss. He even makes the sound effect. Sorry about the loud fan in the background.


Morning Walk

Breakfast on the go, and he's super excited about it.
So relaxed.


Beating the Heat

That's right it's off the charts hot in our house.
So we headed to Deering Oaks park where they have a great kiddie pool with fountains.
Ryder was having so much fun.
I wish you could have all been there in person to watch him run around squealing with excitement.
Here he is one year ago at the same park. Crazy how time flies.