I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


How to Beat Stranger Anxiety (at least for Ryder)

Throwing him up in the air, flipping him upside down, wrestling with him, hitting him with a pillow or any type of rough housing will make you and instant friend with this wild man.
I'm not joking either. It works.


The Wedding

We made it back to Maine after three flights beginning in Baton Rouge at 9:45 AM and ending here in Portland at 6:30 PM. The worst was that there wasn't enough time to eat at either of our two layovers. Brandon made the statement that we won't be flying with the boys anytime soon. Although they actually did great, it was a lot of work and stress. We'll see if that holds true. We aren't known for turning down an adventure. And as promised, more pics from the wedding.

Not much cuter than babies dressed up.
Brandon's parents came all the way from Indiana just to help me out since Brandon was busy with groomsman duties. I seriously could not have gone without them. They did so much and let me enjoy myself during the events of the weekend. They reigned in Ryder and kept him entertained while he had to sit which is no easy task. And quieted Jack's cries and learned the trick to getting him to take his paci. Also, not an easy task.
The Core Four. Brandon and his best friends from Logansport.


Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Yesterday Jack took his first flight, Ryder took his seventh (I know, I know its crazy) and Brandon and I survived traveling with two under two. Jack did so well. He was basically passed out the whole time and the rest of the time he just looked around. Ryder was a crazy man. Poor Brandon had to contain him on his lap. I was glad to be holding the sleepy newborn for sure. I thought it was neat that both of the boys first flights were to Atlanta. Which is not really a place we have specific reason to go to. Ryder (bottom picture) was at five weeks and Jack (top picture) was three and a half weeks.
We finally settled in our hotel room and got to bed around ten. It was a long day. Ryder ended up sleeping until 8 AM in the morning. First time in his life he has ever slept that late.
Ryder is actually sleeping in a crib in the same room as us. I was really nervous about this, but it is working out great. I think he has been so worn out that he sleeps like a champ.
Brandon has been spending a lot of time with Brian and his groomsmen, but he took some time out to swim with Ryder. Then Grandpa Chico took Ryder again later in the day. Hence the sleeping well.
We're having a great time. Tomorrow is Brian and Melissa's big day. We couldn't be happier for them. Ryder is going to wear a tie. I can't wait to see the handsome little guy. Hopefully, he pauses for two seconds so I can snap a pic.


Leaving On a Jet Plane

Hectic morning! Jack was nice enough in the craziness that is packing for four while having a newborn to give me my first opportunity to change a up-the-back poopy diaper. Fun, fun. Ryder is currently stacking tupperware and sweeping the floor with the broom, but I'm in too much of a rush to stop and get a picture. It's cute, trust me. You can count this as my attempt to catch Jack up to Ryder in the photo count. :)


Sleepy Baby and Spider Man

This little gem of a baby slept for over seven hours last night. I actually had to wake him up to eat, and then he slept until 7:15 AM. I know that just by putting this in writing I am going to be getting up three times tonight, but it was so nice to get such a big chunk of sleep all at once. Not to mention, this is something Ryder didn't do until he was at least six months old. Here's to Jack being a better sleeper than Ryder was.
We are leaving for Baton Rouge tomorrow afternoon, so I was packing Ryder's things in his room. I couldn't see him because the closet door was in the way. When I looked to check on him this is how I found him just peeking out the window. Not really even sure how he was able to pull this off, but my little dare devil did it.


Three Weeks, Seriously?

Has it really been three weeks? Seriously? I almost can't believe it. Partly because I can't believe Jack's been in the world that long. Partly because it seems like this is how life has always been.
Seriously, look at the neck muscles on this kid already. I do believe he is weeks ahead of Ryder in this department.
Seriously, could he be any cuter all smooshed and such? (This is actually from his first week of life, but for some reason I failed to post it before.)
Ryder is ALL BOY! And I seriously love it.
Dear Mr. Construction Man,
At first I enjoyed that my son was so entertained by your work right outside my front window, but we are all over it now. Seriously. We have had our fill of 7am to 7pm pounding, scraping and all other insanely loud noises you produce. The weather has been gorgeous, but I only know that from weather.com. You see I've been forced to keep our unairconditioned house's windows closed due to the terrible sewer smell that creeps in even the smallest crack. And the dust! These two have kept us cooped up inside during the day. Poor little Ryder. The worst of it all is that you blow up the ground with dynamite about two to three times a day. It was funny at first when it was further away, but now it is just ridiculous. It's seriously just like the scene out of Mary Poppins. Friday my glasses shook when the explosion went off. Then someone has to come in and check our basement to make sure there isn't a carbon monoxide leak from the blast. Seriously, I'm not joking. This is all happening. It's been happening for over a month. And were so over it. Thanks. The Rodriguez Family



First Bath

Obviously not a bath picture, but I thought I'd throw it in anyways.
He seemed to enjoy the bath as much as Ryder did as a little baby. We are really thankful for this because we find baths to be the best thing to help a baby go to sleep.
All clean and tuckered out. See what I mean about baths and a sleepy baby.


Precious Little Boys

Jack is starting to stay awake for a little longer each day.
Spaghetti plus blueberries equals a very messy after meal clean up.
Busting out the Superman hold again. Just like here and here.
Ryder discovered a mesh opening in Jack's bassinet. He peeks in on him often.


Burning Energy while Jack Sleeps

My little cleaner. He took his towel and was trying to sop up the water from the house.


Shopping and a Little Jack

Ryder went shopping in our cupboard this morning. Apparently, there was a big sale on canned tuna. It was so much fun he decided to dump his cart and start all over. And a little peek at cute little Jack.
By the way, if anyone can invent something that would keep his paci from falling out of Jack's mouth EVERY FIVE SECONDS and make him freak out I am willing to pay big bucks.


The Newborn Stage

There are a lot of things about the newborn stage that I can't wait to be done with (i.e. night feedings, constant diaper changes, etc), but one thing I LOVE LOVE LOVE is when they fall asleep all curled up on your chest. In fact, after Ryder went to bed tonight I held Jack like this for a good two hours. I realize more now with Jack than I did with Ryder that he will be running around like a wild man (a.k.a. Ryder) before I know it.

And just for you Kylee I photoshopped a little spit up off of Jack's lip. Your welcome.


The Boy Knows How to Keep Himself Busy

With a lot of my time being spent nursing Jack, Ryder has been doing great at finding things to do. Two things include...
army crawling under furniture and
getting items out of the recycling bin and then getting out a coaster to set them on.


Two Weeks Old

Happy two week birthday, Jack William. What a wonderful addition to our family you are. We love you so much.
Jack had his two week weight check on Friday this past week. Everything looked great, and he had gained back his birth weight. Not that I was worried with my little round the clock nurser.


Thankful for Saturdays

Thankful for an extra set of hands to help out today.
Thankful to spend the day at home with just the family.
Thankful for take out Mexican food.
Thankful for these two sweet baby boys.
Thankful both these sweet babies are currently sleeping.
I think I'll join them.


I survived

my first day alone all by myself with the boys. It wasn't pretty by any means. The best I can say about it is that we all survived. I'm hoping I get a little better at handling the demands with each passing day. It sure didn't help that they were showing our house today also. I didn't get a chance to snap any photos. I was too busy pulling the bathroom trash out of the toilet (thank you, Ryder) or cleaning up spit up that covered my body (thank you, Jack). However, here are two darling pics from Brandon's mom's camera for you to enjoy.


A Visit From Gma and Gpa Rodriguez

Ryder and Jack greeted Grandma Susan and Grandpa Chico with the matching outfits the grandparents had mailed for the boys. We had lots of fun while they were here visiting.
Mostly we just hung around the house soaking up our time together.
I don't think Jack went without being held for more than ten minutes except for at night.
We tested out the double stroller for the first time with both boys in it. It rocks!We went to a Deering Oaks Park to play at the park and splash in the fountains.
We rented a van for a day, so we could ride all together. Here are the boys all buckled up and ready to go. We had grand plans for the day.
Unfortunately, little Jack-Jack may not be a car rider. He screamed his head off for the first 40 minutes, so we decided to head back to Portland to seek out our adventure there. Before we could head back we needed a side of the road diaper change. How many men does it take to change a diaper? :) Just kidding. Brandon is great at changing diapers, and Chico is just there for morale.We went to Higgins Beach to just walk around. This wasn't on purpose, but Ryder and Brandon had on opposite shirts. It was so cute.
Although we hadn't planned on getting in the water, Ryder was just too excited. He couldn't resist getting in to play. Brandon and Chico braved the FREEZING water to let the little guy have a some fun.
Jack's first time at the ocean. I say it still counts even though he slept entire time we were there. He is under the sling, I promise.
Thanks so much for coming to visit us and helping out. We loved having you and are looking forward to Baton Rouge in a few weeks.