I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


Just Ryder and Me

I've been missing our almost daily trips to the park since Jack has been born. So we left Jack with my mom and ventured out just the two of us.
At first he just wanted to watch all the older kids play.
But then he joined right in with them.
Then he went around and waved to all the dads.
Then he got really adventurous.
After seeing an older boy do this he attempted to walk across these stairs that were three feet off the ground. Talk about scare your mother to death.


I Saw the Light (Take 2)

While cooing at my beautiful little baby the other day. I realized he was distracted. I'm talking open mouth stare and nothing could take his attention away. What was so captivating?
The light. My boys love them some ceiling lights.
Jack is really starting to become aware of the world around him. I put him in his bouncy seat while I got Ryder's breakfast ready. When I went to pick Jack back up he was smiling away at the hanging toy animals. It's so fun to watch him interact more and more.


5:45 AM

I decided that since Jack woke me up early and was all smiles, I might as well enjoy the moment rather than grumble about not being able to sleep.


What's Ryder Been Up To

Organizing. Helping me unpack and putting things where he thinks they should go and at the same time using good manners and putting things on coasters.
Reading (sort of). So I look over the other day and see Ryder sitting in Jack's bouncy seat while reading an upside down Men's Health magazine. By the time I tip toed to get my camera he had thrown the magazine down and moved on to something else.
Growing. Oh how I remember how he looked so tiny all wrapped up in his baby towel. Now he busts out of them. Seriously, look how big he is getting.


10PM to 7AM

That's how long this darling boy of mine slept last night. Woohoo!



6 Weeks

Jack is six weeks today. What a wonderful blessing he is to our family.
We're back in Indiana officially now. We spent the weekend introducing Jack to lots and lots of family. Here's my Uncle Bill meeting his namesake, Jack William. I hope Jack grows up to be just like his great uncle.

So sorry for the lack of posts. I'll do better when things start to slow down a little.


A Good Reminder

With all the sadness of our last few days in Maine, I questioned if we were making the right decision. I mean it was pretty great there. Then this moment happened, and I remembered why we wanted to move back.


I Think Jack Says It Best

Happy tears at the thought of being able to live everyday life with our families.
Sad tears for the wonderful community we are leaving behind.
Stressed tears at the task of packing up your life and moving 20 hours away with two kiddos
Hormonal tears because I did just give birth five weeks ago :)

Tonight is my last night in Maine. I thank God that He brought Brandon and me here. We have been forever changed for the better because of the people we have met and the community we have become a part of here. Plus its a beautiful state and has provided many adventures. I have never felt such conflicting emotions about a life change before. As much as we are mourning leaving our life here, we are beyond thrilled to move back to Indiana and love on our families.


Packing with a 17 Month Old is Hard

If he isn't climbing,
he's crawling into it or
or unpacking and rearranging to his liking.
He definitely spices up a dull task.


Daddy's Got the Touch

I must give a shout out to my wonderful hubby for holding/wrestling/entertaining this crazy 17 month old during our flights to and from Baton Rouge. I was so thankful to be snuggling a very, very sleepy newborn on the same flights. (Although, I must say if you ever sit next to a mom who has to nurse her baby, please let her have the arm rest. It makes things much more difficult when you don't.) I wouldn't have wanted to trade Brandon for sure. That was until I looked over during one of the flights and saw this...
Going, going,

No one does the Superman hold quite like daddy.


We Have a Smiler

Jack followed after his brother and smiled for the first time for my friend, Christy, today. Seriously, what are the chances of that. Do they realize I birthed them and wake up every night to sustain their life? :) A babies first smile should be for their momma. But Christy with her soothing voice and infectious smile gets my babies every time. I was able to catch his smile on camera though. And from here on out more and more of his personality will unfold. I can't wait to see who he becomes.
Here's Ryder just after he smiled.

I'm Obsessed

with taking pictures of this sleeping beauty.
And he's pretty cute awake too.