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Eat, Drink and Be Scary





Jack "The Bear" Rodriguez
 Ryder as Lighting McQueen
 And Jack in his halloween pjs.


Ryder's Weekend (Part 1)

Wow!  No wonder Ryder didn't miss me.  I didn't realize so much could be packed into one weekend.  He's going to have quite the adjustment period once we move out of my mom's house, but for now he is soaking up the attention.  

Aunt Kylee doesn't follow the no cell phone for Ryder rule.  He doesn't seem to mind either.   
The park
Our trip to Thistleberry Farms got cut short last weekend, so they returned to enjoy the things we missed the first time around. 
Aunt Kylee also gave him his first Toaster Strudel topped off with water through a curly straw.  
Mall Play Area
This boy is not the least bit spoiled.  There are more photos to come of his weekend if you can believe that.  I'm waiting on pictures from friends of my weekend with Jack in Boston. I'll be sure to post when I get them.  


I'm Back

Jack and I ventured to Boston for an extended weekend to meet up with eight of my friends from college.  Jack was so good.  I am almost in shock at how easy it was to take a twelve weeker on such an adventure.  I guess after taking care of two at the same time day in and day out, dealing with just one is a cinch. And with three flights and a move across the country under his belt, Jack was prepared for whatever is thrown at him.

While Jack and I lived it up on the east coast, Ryder and Brandon stayed home.  From the looks of the pictures it looks like Ryder might have gotten a little spoiled.
These are just sneak peeks from this past weekend.  Since I have started this short post Ryder has dumped all my coupons on the floor, almost fallen off a chair and climbed out the doggie door. I think I'm going to have to wait until the babies are sleeping to show you the rest. More to come soon. 


Bisabuelos/ Praprarodičů

Jack enjoyed spending time with his Great Grandma and Grandpa Rodriguez.  Ryder was too busy exploring their cool house to pause for any snuggles.