I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


Thanksgiving: Rodriguez Side

Here's the only good picture that I got with my camera from Thanksgiving Day with Brandon's side of the family.  You might say I we had so much fun there was no time for picture taking.


Thanksgiving: Kinder Side

We were so thankful to have some family over for Thanksgiving.  Fun times and yummy food.
 Ryder decorated our new abode.  Seriously though, he really did do this.
Kylee set the beautiful table.
 Ryder had way too much fun with his cousin Georgia's monkey and monkey carrier.
 The man of the house carved the turkey.
 Jack met Jodie.
Uncle Bill took home the big Popcorn pot.  And August was not happy about it. 


Watch Out Logansport!

We got a thirteen pound turkey
and a twenty pound ham coming your way.


Toilet Time with Ryder

The only two dogs he has really ever been around are two yappy toy poodles thus the high pitched "bark" for his dog noise.  


From Head to Toe, Literally

I remembered to take off the shirt.  Little did I know that the pants and socks needed removed also.


6 AM

Up and at 'em
 dark and early
 just twiddling our thumbs
waiting on the others to awake.


Core Four and Sons

Friends since childhood
and now
Fathers of four sons
 Josh with Luka (14 months), Jimmy with Owen (18 months), Brian with our Jack (3 months), Brandon with Ryder (19 months)


A Shout Out

to my sister for painting our bathroom which just happens to be the smallest but probably the most difficult room to paint. 
One room down, ten to go.


Happy Feet: Rodriguez Style

***We don't have the internet yet, but I have been taking picture and blogging in my head.  Since this has become our baby book, I back dated posts for the last few days.


It seems every little thing I do in our new abode, I find myself thinking this is the first time we've done such and such in our new house.  Then I  imagine the future.  Babies becoming little boys then teens then men.  And all the fun the future holds.  I'm so very thankful to be putting down roots after our four year adventure around the country.  It was amazing, but I'm ready for the next phase of life.  A phase that God willing will not include any moving. 
Grammy and Papa came over for the first time for their Jack and Ryder fix.  Did I mention they went only one day without seeing them?  But impromptu family visits are one of the biggest reasons we wanted to move back.
 We put Jack in his exersaucer for the first time.  He loved it although he isn't quite strong enough to be in there for very long.  
The tub is officially broken in now.  Looking forward to many more to come.

Sharing Is Caring

Ryder loves to play with these figurines at my mom's house.  I've even caught him "swaddling" them.  Here is he sharing them with Jack.  It was just a little glimpse of the future when they play together.  
Poor Jack.  I hate to call him fussy, but he is often not happy when we are holding him.  We have discovered if he is sitting up (even if he is leaning waaaaaay to the side) makes him so much happier.  I guess he just likes to see what's going on with the world.


First Night In Our New House

The boys and I arrived from Maine on September 7th.  Our first night in our new house was November 7th.  I'm thrilled that things moved quickly with the house.  Ryder would hear nothing of leaving Grammy, Papa and Aunt Kylee.  He's grown quite accustomed to all the playmates.
 No wonder Jack is so sleepy.  In a little over three months he has gone to Baton Rouge for a wedding, moved from Maine to Indiana, toured Boston, taken three flights and now moved into the home he will most likely grow up in.  He's been a busy boy.  


Moving Weekend

 Our little helper.  Everyone had to pull their weight.  However, all the help ended when he found this.
 And Jack.  Lifting morale with his cuteness.
Huge help to everyone that helped.  We really, really appreciated it.


That B Thing

Jack has used the Baby Bjorn, a Boppy, blankets, bouncy chairs, binkys and now the Bumbo.  He still needs to gain some core strength before he can use it for real, but we had fun putting him in it.
 For some reason Ryder has a new found interest in the chair he outgrew quite a while ago.  :)
One the questions I got most often when Jack was born was "How is Ryder doing with the transition".  I was happy to report that he did just great.  No issues.  For about a week now he has been throwing fits when someone picks Jack up when Ryder wants their attention.  Hopefully it will be quick to pass.  He's good about sharing his stuff except his blankets and stuffed animals.  At the same time, he has been so sweet to Jack lately too.  He will want to hold him and kiss him, he'll cover his up with a blanket or pat his head.


We've Got Mail

in our very own house.  After Brandon carried me over the threshold of our very own home today (cause we're cool like that), I just for the fun of it decided to check the mailbox knowing there of course wouldn't be anything in there.  Much to my delight there was a sweet card just waiting to brighten this wonderful day even more.  Thanks bunches, Laura Coonrod!  As of about 10 a.m. this morning Brandon and I purchased our first home.  We're so excited to get it all set up and start our next journey.
The very first thing I moved in was a green mixing bowl of my grandma's. For some reason I always remember the bowl being filled with her yummy macaroni. Even though she isn't here to see my house, I have some special things of hers to fill my home, and I'm so thankful for them.  
 Jack took his first nap in his new home.