I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


Flanneled Fellas

Ryder: 22 months on the dot
Jack: one day short of 6 months
(This is a picture of a picture from Picture people)
((Say that three times fast))


Da Da

I'm okay with Jack saying Da-da first because this Saturday when he started saying Da-da in the middle of the night I told Brandon that Jack wanted him.  Brandon couldn't say no:)  Plus he says Ma-ma now.  I know he doesn't grasp the connection between the consanent sounds he's saying and his mom and dad, but it is sweet, sweet music to our ears anyway.


Sitting Up Bootcamp

 My adorable little guy was being so cute I had to capture the moment. 
 Then I put him to work making him sit up.
 He teetered,
 and tottered 
and worked on his abs.  


Kitchen Fun

 Ryder has a new found love of yogurt (remember this is a smile face) since he has grown out of his milk intolerance.  He has four helpings for breakfast.  
My trusty old wicker basket trick for the in between the "I can't sit up and I don't care" stage and the "I can't sit up and I'm really mad about it" stage.  Not to be out done Ryder decided to play in a basket on the counter too.  


All In A Day

 Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Walker.  I love my tunnel!  I love to fill it with lots of stuff and then hide in there when my mom is trying to get me dressed.  My mom has a love/hate relationship with said tunnel. 


Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

This is how I found Jack asleep every time I went into his room to get him despite putting him to sleep on his back.  He's getting big!


I Was A Good Mom Before I Had Kids

TV.  Once a no no for Ryder is now his favorite activity.  I do still try to limit, but reality smacked me in the face.  Sometimes it  just comes in so handy. Like for...
keeping our wild guy calm and in one spot so he can recover from a sickness, or 
 keeping our hungry boy company while I run up to change Jack's diaper or
teaching him to root against the Patriots at a young age:).  


To Infinity And Beyond

Ryder attempting his best Buzz Lightyear.  And we have informed him he is only allowed to jump on our couch.  Don't let this video deter you from inviting us to your homes.  


Cute Pics of Jack As Of Late

Jack loves to be held.  Which makes doing just about anything ten times harder.  Then I discovered the free babysitter.  It entertains him for a good twenty minutes while drying our clothes.  Wonderful I tell ya, just wonderful!


Go Big or Go Home

Three haircuts all at once makes for one busy momma.  Love these handsome fellas.  
(This is Ryder's new smile face.  Lucky us.)


Monkey See, Monkey Gets Fed

After I finished feeding Jack yesterday, Ryder really wanted the bottle for some reason.  He has never shown any interest before.  He usually just points to it and says bottle or his version of bottle at least.  So I gave him the bottle.  He went and grabbed his monkey and started to feed him.  
 Thankfully he did it long enough for me to snap a picture.
 Then when he finished I told him he had to burp his baby like I burped Jack.  I modeled for him with Jack, and he copied with the monkey.  
 Then he just gets up and I figured he was done.  He comes back with a burp cloth and starts wiping the monkey's mouth.  HA!  I about died.  You know your baby spits up too much if your toddler knows that you always have to run and get a burp cloth after each feeding.  He even knows that you never have one actually with you because that would just be too easy.  
Sadly, I didn't have my camera a couple of days ago when I caught Ryder trying to nurse a stuffed animal.  Little eyes are ALWAYS watching.  :)


Sitting Pretty and Don't Call Me Silly

Jack is pretty proud of himself to be able to sit up on his own here.  Mind you it is a very soft couch and he has a Boppy wrapped around him.  But he had fun trying for a while.  I never want to speed up my babies growing up, but I'm not really fond of the "I can't sit yet and I'm not happy about it" stage either.  So sometimes we practice sitting.
 Jack might not look like my child, but he sticks his tongue out when doing something challenging. (I guess that the only dominant gene I've got.)
Ryder went and got his stool so he could join the fun.  


Heaven Help Me

I think this stage might drive me INSANE!
Doesn't love his mother or have a brother but give the boy some candy corn.  



Ryder is diaper free.  He has three pairs of soccer underwear he is wearing while I attempt to potty train. Thus far we've had two accidents and five successes.  With only three pairs of undies that means he's running around sans anything sometimes.  I'm not 100% sure this will work, but he has been telling me once and a while when he has to go.  So we're giving potty training a shot.  
 Jack had some avocado today.  Shall I say, I put it in his mouth and he spit it out.  I can't get him to keep any solids in his mouth since his first rice cereal experience.  So we're going to take a little break and try again in a few weeks.  He also sat and enjoyed some alone time in his swing despite what the picture looks like.  
Aunt Kylee came over on her lunch break to give me some company since I am not able to leave the house for a few days due to potty training.  (See corner of the picture.  That's her.)
 Ryder pushed Jack in his car while Jack sat in the Bumbo.  I think they both liked it although I think Ryder did a tad more than Jack. 
This was going to be a sweet picture, but I had to save Jack from being run into a wall by his brother.  Which is probably why 21 month olds shouldn't be driving.  


Lake Effect Snow

When they said we were going to get some lake effect snow, they weren't messing around.  Brandon and his dad went out with a little helper to clear off the first part of the snowfall.  We got another foot after this.  That's a lot of snow.  


Happy Bday, Kylee: Day One

We celebrated the first day of Kylee's 25th today.  Because my mom doesn't believe in just one day for a birthday.  You get the day before and after too.  
 Ryder finally grew out of his milk intolerance, so he got to partake in the ice cream cake.  All day I was teaching him to say Happy Birthday.  He had it down.  However, after seeing the ice cream cake his Happy Birthday morphed into birthday cake.  Although after eating it I can't say I can blame him.  It was so good.  
Loving the bday balloons.  Poor Jack was just too tired to stay up later for the celebration.  It was probably for the best.  No one would have wanted to just sit and watch us all eat the delicious cake.  


Baby Loves Disco

 This was the scene from outside Jack's door the other night.  On Christmas I won a disco ball in a gift exchange game.  Flash forward to a few nights ago when Jack was quite upset about going to bed, so we busted out the disco ball to see if that would calm him.  Worked like a charm.  Haven't had to use it since, but we are leaving it in his room just in case.  
After taking Jack's monthly pictures yesterday I left the room.  When I came back in the room, Ryder was laying on the pad with the bear waiting to have his picture taken.  


5 Months

I think Jack woke up to the world around him this month.  He's so much more interactive and smiley.  Not to mention the increase in his strength.  After a few fussy months this one was less so.  Here's what he has been up to this month...

*grabbing at everything and trying to put them into his mouth
*chewing on his fingers like crazy 
*adoring Ryder (and taking a few hits while at it)
*blowing raspberries
*becoming ticklish
*bearing weight on his legs
*trying really, really hard to roll from back to front
*refusing to eat solids (we'll try again in a month)
*loving to be face to face with anyone smiling at him
*celebrating his first Christmas and New Year's Eve
 5 months 
(I just couldn't bear to cover up those chunky monkey legs.  So kissable)
 4 months
 3 months
 2 months
1 month