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Bed Head Cutie

Here's Jack just playing away while Ryder and I eat breakfast.  Have I mentioned how much easier my life is now that Jack can sit up?  Well, if I haven't, it is.  He's a different child now that he can play independently and reach for toys.  I can only imagine the joy that walking will bring him.  


Birthday Parties

Ryder has started to comprehend the meaning of birthday parties lately.  He has so much fun watching everyone sing Happy Birthday and of course eating the birthday cake.  He'll even try to blow out your candles from afar.  The good thing about celebrating with Ryder is that it stays your birthday until he attends the next party.  If only birthdays really worked that way.  This past weekend we went to cousin Brayden's 4th Bday.  We all had a lot of fun.
 Completely amazed by Skee-Ball
 Getting loved on by Aunt Jeni
 Enjoying a break from playing via the Iphone
Playing fun arcade games


I'm Getting Big

 I might refuse solids, but I sure enjoyed gnawing on the core of a plum.  Yummo!
 I'm riding in a big boy car seat
 just like my brother.  
And I even fit into all my 6 to 9 month clothes. 
Can someone please get my mom a tissue?


Jack's First Time in the Jumper

Poor Jack.  Big brother always has to "help".

Peas Please

 I've been working very hard to get Jack to take solids.  The boy does not want anything to do with purees or cereals.  He has tried rice cereal, oatmeal, carrots, bananas, avocado, prunes and peas.  So far he has done the best with peas and remember, best is relative to how he takes other foods.  Something he does love:  the spoon.


Gotta Love Spring Weather In February!

We took advantage of the weather by walking to the library and a local sandwich shop for dinner.
 Ryder enjoyed his first grilled cheese.  
 Jack crashed on the walk home.
We can't wait for spring. 


Sometimes One Picture of the Same Thing Isn't Enough

 Jack holding his own bottle for the first time.  I went in to get Ryder while I was feeding Jack (thus Ryder peeking out of his bed).  I laid Jack down on a pillow and gave him his bottle.  He actually tilted it and started drinking.  By the time I went to get the camera the bottle had started to sag.  Then Jack lost all interest in holding it because, you know, one can't wiggle his arms like he's revving a motorcycle and hold a bottle at the same time.  Sigh.
 Jack has discovered that everything is interesting.  EVERYTHING.  He is tenacious at getting at things he wants.  I had him sitting in this chair while I changed Ryder, but he decided that the humidifier looked like a fun thing to play with, so he did what he had to do to get it.  
 "Don't want to read this book"  
 "Hmmmmm?  Maybe this one?"
Inspect and toss, inspect and toss.  He's quite specific when it comes to the perfect book to read.  



Happy Bday, Popa

Both boys were so excited about the cake.  Poor Jack didn't get any.   
 Ryder's cake wasn't enough.  He had to have some of Popa's. 
Cake face.


Aren't Daddies the Best

Ryder waited all day for Brandon to get home so he could go out and go sledding.  Brandon didn't disappoint.  I saw Brandon outside running full speed in the snow and Ryder trailing behind in the sled.  The park behind our house has the perfect little hills for a two year old to go down.  He even got to play on the playground.  This park is really paying off already and its not even nice out.