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We love you to the moon and back.  Happy Birthday, Ryder!

Live from Indiana

When I asked my aunt her opinion of the name, Ryder, when it was just an option in a list of names we were considering for our unborn first son she replied "You know he is going to be a rock star if you name him that, right?".  From the look of his reaction to this gift, it is looking like more of a reality.
The little performer had to get a stool on which to show us his guitar skills.

Good Morning, Birthday Boy

Ryder no longer sleeps in a crib, so every morning he comes in our room and pulls my covers and says "Mama".  BEST ALARM EVER!  So that is why his picture is in our room this year.  I was in bed awake, armed with my camera for when this sweet, little guy arose.  Here's this year's "wake up on my birthday" picture.  I think he's just as happy as last year.  I must confess part of his excitement is due to the fact that a balloon had floated up into our room from downstairs over night.  Who doesn't like to wake up on their b-day to balloons.
 First picture as a two year old
First picture as a one year old
First picture


Bath Time Fun

 I just happened to catch the exact moment that he freaked out because he splashed himself in the face :)
 Wet pants:  a sign of a good bath


The Potty Is Our Friend

I'm not kidding when I say that Ryder 100% set up this picture, right down to the soccer rug and then requested I take his picture.  I can only imagine his future plans for his senior pictures.     
We are in the thick of potty training, so the potty is near and dear to all of us right now.


A Round of Applause

Between potty training Ryder and Ryder's early birthday gift from Aunt Kylee (see below), there has been lots of clapping going on around here.  Apparently, Jack wanted to join in on the celebrating.  Just another reminder of how little eyes are always watching.


Chucky Cheese

The boys had their first overnight at Grammy and Popa's complete with a trip to Chucky Cheese.
riding the virtual roller coaster
"Mommy, can I stay another night?"
Jack got in on the fun too


A Snooze of a Book

I thought he was reading before he went to sleep, 
but no, he was out cold with the book resting on his face.
He didn't even wake up when I moved the book.
Thanks for sharing your Good Night Gorilla with Ryder.  He is obsessed.  I'm pretty sure I have read it thirty times in the past three days.  And I don't even mind because it is the cutest little book.


Jack's First Tooth and some other random stats

Our blog to keep in touch with family has morphed into our baby book.  Sorry if these stats aren't super exciting to most, but I want to document some milestones for Jack-Jack.  
I felt Jack's first tooth (bottom left) on March 8.  That is four days sooner age-wise than when we first felt Ryder's tooth.  Jack has been really drooly.  He had a somewhat fussy day, but other than that hasn't been too bothered by the ordeal.  I think it might even be making him a little more sleepy.

Jack went #2 on the potty for the first time yesterday.   

Jack slept through the night two nights in a row, but then woke up to eat again last night.  

He has started to eat a little bit of solids.  I can usually get him to take a TBSP or two of oatmeal in the morning a little puree of something in the afternoon.  Baby steps, I guess.  At least it is something.


Thank You Swing Family

for all the toys.  We didn't make it three feet from the door before Ryder dumped them all out.  He loved the spoons.  


Mr. and Mrs. Penn

It was Robert and Lindsey's big day today.  Everything was beautiful:  Lindsey, the ceremony, the reception.  Ryder spent the ceremony in the nursery cooking up some good food and eating it with his new friend, Caleb. 
Jack spent it sleeping in Popa's arms.
Four generations of Rodriguez's looking all snazzy.
Love my guys in their ties.
Dollar Dance
Grammy and Popa came up to help with the kiddos.  They were SO much help.  Thank you, thank you! 
Ryder rockin' the dance the floor.
Ryder loved Mari by the end of the night.  He was pulling her on the dance floor anytime she sat down.  
Congrats Robert and Lindsey.  We're very excited for you two.  Enjoy California.


Smile For the Camera

I was taking a picture of Ryder because he was trying to eat his breakfast like his little brother (in his Bumbo with the tray).  He kept making that darn smile face of his.  I was laughing so hard I had to start recording it to share with all of you.  


And the Birthday Celebrations Continue...

Happy Birthday, Grammy.  We celebrated this past Sunday.  
Since Ryder was a little low on cash, he gave snuggles as a gift.  I think I'm going to ask him for the same thing for my birthday. 
We have three more parties and a wedding this month.  Ryder's going to think parties are a bi-weekly experience year round.


Jack or Ryder?

Let's play a little game of who's who, shall we? 
I have grouped the photos by two.  One of the pictures is of Ryder and one is of Jack.  Can you guess which is which?  Answers are at the end of the post, so don't scroll down too far.   
A little eerie isn't it?  I must admit that in one I actually had to look at the dates of when the photo was taken because I wasn't 100% sure I had it right.

Jack:  #1, #4, #6, #7 and #9
Ryder:  #2, #3, #5, #8 and #10