I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


Living Room Fun

 Grammy got Ryder some cards while I was away.  Brandon took a picture to show how Ryder spent a good twenty minutes flipping the cards all to the letter side and then all to the animal side.  Since he was so enthralled with them I decided to try and teach him the letters a little bit this morning.  His personal favorite seems to be "Duh Duh You" aka "W".  
Jack is getting more and more stable on his feet.  Here he is enjoying his last day of being 8 months old.  


What a Morning

I'll spare you the details because it's a long story, but so far today's highlights have been:
locking Jack in the car,
Ryder and me in the back of a police car,
Ryder peeing his pants in the play place at Chik-fil-A
and our picnic outside.
 Jack sat and ate
 and posed for me.  
 Ryder did stuff like this and scurried over every once and while to take a bite or two.
 Then he played with a dandelion
before, in true Ryder fashion, stomping on it.

I'm off to a sleep over with my college friends.  It's a guys night for Brandon and the boys.  Let's hope my evening with the ladies doesn't share any of the same highlights as my morning. ;)


Thursday Throwback

(*Anesthesia and I didn't get a long so well, thus the swollen face.)


Jack-Jack in Pictures

 He still wiggles his hands like a wild man.  He's much more willing to be held by people other than Brandon or me.  He cries really really hard at the drop of a hat, but he'll smile even easier.  We just love our little Jack.
 He's over the Moby Wrap, but he's getting three teeth at once and prefers to be held A LOT.  So I tried the wrap.  He didn't like it.  Can you tell?  Heeee heeeee.
 The boy loves to stand.  He's even mastered a weird foot thing which makes it pretty much impossible to put him in a sitting position.  It's funny, adorable and annoying all at the same time. 


Ryder Outtakes from Easter Weekend

 Had to wear his dinosaur hat to watch "The Land Before Time"
 Fast asleep sideways.  Poor Brandon had to share a bed with him all weekend.
 Taking a break from Easter egg hunting to.....move chairs?!?  Don't ask me why he can't see a chair without rearranging it.
 Climbing the huge dirt pile
and sliding down.  He had a blast and got beyond filthy.

All snuggly after waking up from a nap.



Ryder fell asleep in the car, so Jack and I played on the porch while we waited for him to wake up.
 Jack was not happy about his brother not joining the fun.  
Later we spun Ryder and about died laughing. (Don't worry.  We were sure to grab his chest and not his arms.  We'd prefer to keep his arm sockets in place.)
As you can see it was an exciting day.


The Only Good Thing

about it still being cold outside is I can still put Jack in this adorable little Purdue sweatshirt that had been left unworn all winter.  Sorry about the quality of some of the pictures.  I was messing with the settings on my camera, but he was so smiley in them I couldn't not post them all.


Packing and Unpacking

 As I was busy gathering the necessities for a day away from home, Ryder managed to stick a couple of his "essentials" into the diaper bag.  I guess we have different ideas of what is a diaper bag must have.
 So I gave Ryder his own bag which he ran around declaring "backpack!".
Five months into our new house and we are still unpacking boxes much to Ryder's enjoyment.


The Life and Times of a Two Year Old

What has Ryder been up to since turning two?
 Dipping his turkey bacon (which I highly recommend) in his milk (which I wouldn't recommend).
 We turned his car seat to forward facing.  He now says my name sixty-four billion times in a ten minute ride.  Thankfully, he does still sleep in the car once and a while.
We went to McDonald's to play in the play place the other day.  Ryder went in the little kid eating section and moved every single chair around one table.  By the time he was done, all the other kid's in the play place were helping him rearrange the chairs.

And then there is the never ending game of hide and seek.


Finger Foods

Jack has never been a fan of purees, so we've been giving him soft finger foods.  He seems to enjoy these a lot more.  He looks awfully cute eating them too.