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I Love Watching Them Grow

It melts my heart to watch my boy's reach new milestones.  Here's the latest one to be reached.



The running leg of a children's triathalon went right behind our house the other day.  It was raining, so we just stayed in the garage and clapped for the kid's running.  
 We even got Jack into clapping for them.
 Ryder was really into it for a while.
When he got bored, he put on some rubber gloves to spice things up a little.


45 Mintues

For forty-five minutes straight the boys played together today.  I didn't hear a peep out of them.  The pictures aren't great because I just stuck my camera around the corner and snapped.  I didn't want to interrupt the beauty that was taking place.


Help! I'm Under a Chair and I Can't Get Out

He really was stuck but as long as I was right there he didn't mind.  So I took advantage of a still babe and snapped away.


In Honor of 5 Years of Marriage

the town of Mishawaka held a celebration in the park right behind our house for Brandon and me.  Well, I guess it wasn't really for us, per se.  Sadly, Brandon had to work the night shift so we only got a couple hours together today.  We plan on celebrating with a trip to Cedar Point in the early fall though.  But Summer Fest was indeed in our back yard.  SO. MUCH. FUN.  Here are some highlights from today.

People watching from the play room.
First taste of cotton candy.  They both liked it but were satisfied with a few bites each.  
 Ryder was a mad man on all the blow-up jumping things.  Jack just watched and screamed with delight from the side.  
 Jack actually had a blast playing in water that was in the cup holder.  That made life easier.  :)
 Ryder LOVED this one in particular.  I'm talking four times in a row.  
 He loved giving the guys the tickets.  A guy even tried to let him on the ride for free, but Ryder had to hand him a ticket.  
"Nee Hows"  a.k.a.  Horses up close and personal.  
I can't tell you how nice it was to just walk across the alley to a festival.


There's More Than Corn In Indiana

Ryder and I ventured Indiana Beach yesterday with Laura and Owen while Jack-Jack got to spend some quality one on one time with his Grammy.  We had the best time at the park.  Seriously, I wouldn't have changed a thing.  It was perfect. 
Of course, we had to feed the carp.  It's always a highlight of an Indiana Beach visit.
 I asked Ryder to smile in front of the first ride he ever rode.  
 Sadly, my camera was set on a weird setting, so it didn't take the best pictures.  The one below is blurry but Ry's huge smile is so sweet.  He LOVED all the rides.  
On our way out we had to stop and say bye to the fish.  
They were both out within five minutes of leaving.


Ryder Requested This Picture Be Taken

He stuck his yard tools under the space in the door and was pretty pleased with himself.  Apparently, he's a fan of the serious face when recording his creations.


The Life and Times of Ryder Joseph

First experience on a tube slide
 Ryder and I went to visit a friend who has three brothers.  Ryder was in heaven.  I think when he wasn't eating, he was throwing a ball of some sort.  Here are Zack and Ryder throwing a ball down the stairs to Joel and Luke.  Just one of the fun games he got to play.

 Anyone who spends time with Ryder knows his favorite game is pretending to go to sleep.  The game just keeps getting weirder and weirder.  The top basket is his bed and the bottom is his blanket.  

 An impromptu jam session


Jack Discovers the Joy That Is The Tunnel

Grandpa Keith and Grandma Carolyn got the boys a tent with a tunnel for Christmas.  The tent didn't survive our rough and tumble oldest but the tunnel.  Oh, the tunnel.  It is probably in the running for the most played with toy in our house.  Ryder loves that thing.  Since Jack is crawling now he gets to experience the tunnel too much to Ryder's delight.  They chase each other in and out.  In and out.