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Pleased As Punch

at their own orneriness.  In the ten minutes they have been playing so far they have tipped over all their big toys and trashed rearranged their playroom.  And look how happy it makes them.


Just For Fun

Since I got so many comments about Jack looking like Ryder in the picture below, I thought I would get a picture of Ryder for you to compare.  Plus I might have not taken a picture of the boys in three days.  It's a blog sin, I know.  
From the day he was born all I hear is how much Ryder looks like Brandon.  But to me he just looks like Ryder.  I see some of Brandon in him and some of me, but mostly I think he has his own look.  Then I saw this picture.  Man oh man, this looks like Brandon.


Forget Puppies!

A baby in your bag is the way to go.
Although it doesn't appear so, Jack was having fun.


Kiss the Baby Toys Goodbye

 This guy is ready for big boy toys.
(He can get in this on his own now and make it go with his feet)


Elkhart Co Fair: The Second Time Around

 Jack was waving hi to all the animals and the people.  
 Ryder was mooing at the cows.
Here's a flashback from our first visit to the fair back in July 2009.              (Look how little he is)
 He really liked the pigs.
 This little pony was pretty cute too.
 We just looked at all the rides since they were too short.  Well, we could have taken Ryder on the big slide for $10.  No joke.  $10 for one ride on the slide.  Ha!


Chillin' Out

We've been taking it easy the past few days.  Trying to stay nice and cool in the house.  These next two pictures of Jack depict the past two days pretty well. 
 And Ryder is at it again.
I walked into the playroom to find Jack all by himself doing this:
Oh, I love this kid!


Zoo Pics

 Check out Ryder's roar
 Best view in the zoo
 Our personal favorite, the otter exhibit.  
(who knew otters were so fun to watch?)


I Forgot About This Stage

You know, getting into EVERYTHING and throwing it on the floor stage.  
Good thing he's cute.


Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Tractors and army men
Jungle safaris
 No fear of anything at the park
and then there is this.  


Crabby Butt

Rather than Jack mimicking Ryder and walking, Ryder has decided to be like Jack and crawl.   It's fitting though since Ryder didn't ever crawl.  Remember the scoot?  I guess you're never too old to learn new tricks.



Thanks, Grammy, for watching the boys for a day and a half.
Thanks, Elania, for the paper for the banner.  
Thanks, Brandon, for buying me a ladder.
Thanks, Kylee, for coming over at midnight to keep me company.
I'm in love with this room now.  Funny how a coat of paint and some scrapbook paper makes all the difference.

Celebrating Brandon



Feeding the Cows

I'm not sure who was more nervous about being close, Ryder or the cows.


Bath Time Fun

 Jack went to bed earlier than the older boys on the Fourth, so he got to take a bath by himself.  What a treat.  No big brother to steal every single toy he is remotely interested in and no big brother to hog the water spout.  
Ryder got to take a bath with Owen.  He got a taste of his own medicine as he is constantly pouring water on Jack.  


So Thankful for Good Friends

The boys and I have been flying solo a lot this summer as Brandon has been hard at work getting a new manufacturing line going at his company.  We haven't really made any connections with other families in the area yet.  The days can get long when my go to hang out buddies, my mom and sister, are busy.  I called up Laura at 8 a.m. one day last week, and asked if the boys and I could come spend the day with them.  We did have to make an hour and a half drive, but it was well worth it.  I'm so thankful for her welcoming us last minute.  Our kids are the same age and have so much fun playing together.


Happy Birthday, Brandon

May you feel celebrated and loved today.  We love you more than words.  
(Remember when we were 18 joking about you being 28?  Not so funny now, huh, old man.  Heeeheee)


This Kid Could Have His Own Reality TV Show

Woody, Ryder and Buzz 
with special guest appearances by little brother, Jack
Possible Episodes:
Toys) Ryder goes around finding a mommy, daddy and baby EVERYTHING!  If something is just a tad bit smaller than another of it's kind it is obviously the baby.
Potty Training) As if trying to get Ryder interested in potty training was not enough work, watch me try to teach Ryder that we don't put our toys on the toilet even if they do have to go potty.  While at the same time keeping Jack away from the toilet.  What is it with babies and toilets?  So gross! 
I Want To Be In the Picture Too)  While prepping Jack for his monthly picture, Ryder came down with his changing pad and a stuffed animal, so he could get his picture taken also.  I about died.  When did he get so big?   
I know this probably isn't nearly as funny as it is to me.  But this kid cracks me up!