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Picture Slacker

Sorry.  I've been a picture slacker lately.  I do have this little gem that Brandon actually took this weekend.  Enjoy.  I'll try to be better the next few days.


Jack's Learns to Go Down the Stairs

(with Momma always close by, of course)
Thankfully, he only goes down two or three before climbing back up them is oh so tempting that he can't resist. 


Soaking Up What's Left of Summer

After the boys woke up from their naps, I suggested we head up to Silver Beach for the evening.  I'm so glad we did even if drive time was as long as the amount of time we were at the beach.  The boys were precious in the water.
 Jack just played in the shallow end most of the time.  Crawling and crawling until a wave would crash into him and cause him to sit up and catch his breath.
 Then he'd just splish and splash.
 And wait for the next wave to come.
 Ryder loves everything about the sand.  It's almost like he doesn't realize there is a huge lake right in front of him because he can't see past ALL THE SAND.
 But then he saw the water and off he went.  I so wish I could have caught a short video of him doing the Baywatch Run into the water that Brandon taught him.  He even counts to three before taking off.    
 This beach is really shallow for a long ways out, so Ryder kept inching his way further and further out trying to find bigger waves to jump.
 Jack even ventured out a little deeper with Brandon before we headed home.
 On the walk to the car there was this statue of two kids.  Jack was enthralled by it.  


The Accessories Really Make an Outfit

Safety first.  Always were a hard hat when dealing with heavy machinery.
Not really sure where Ryder found Brandon's lawn gloves, but as soon as he did he started running full speed around the house with the lawn mower.  It was a little hard to catch a picture of him due to the speed at which he was running.
I actually put the tool belt on him because he was having a hard time carrying all his tools downstairs to help me put together a table.
 And just so he's not left out.  Here's the little cute guy.
 I think the swing box is about ready to meet the recycling bin.  But he has been very good to us and taken a lot of abuse from the fellas. 


(Snapshot) Ryder 28.5 months

Today walking through the store you asked "Mama, what's this?" at least five times in every aisle and then repeated whatever I would say.  You are in what they call a "language explosion".  It is so amazing to see you learning so many new things.  I can't read enough books to you to satisfy your desire.  You even "read" books on your own now.  You are counting now too.  Five, six and seven really give you trouble though.  So most of the time you just leave them out.  When you play your instruments, you are sure to always bob your head.  Everything is fixable as long as you have  your tool set which is good because you have a problem with throwing things.  And best of all, after two years of being pretty independent, you are pretty attached to me.  Which I absolutely adore.   


(Snapshot) Jack 12.5 months

Brandon stumbled upon an old picture of Ryder when Ryder was the same age as Jack is now.  I can hardly remember Ryder at a little over a year old.  Thank goodness for this blog and the pictures we have.  I am making more of a point to etch in my mind this sweet stage with Jack.  
Jack (12.5 months)
You love love love to walk while holding my fingers.  When you aren't holding my fingers, you usually have yours in your mouth.  Today you learned to drink from a straw.  And you open your mouth as wide as you can when you give kisses.  When we tell you to say goodnight, you blow kisses.  You are obsessed with toothbrushes.  Despite the fact that you are no where near walking, today you managed to climb onto our living room chair.  When you hear music you sway and flap your arms as fast as you can.  You know what you want and what you don't want, and you are sure to let everyone know.  At night when we tuck you in, you snuggle your blanket and zebra.  It is the cutest thing.  Nothing makes you smile more than accomplishing something.  You get the proudest look on your face with each accomplishment.  I can't wait to see your face when you discover you can walk all by yourself.   


While Momma's Away

This past Saturday my mom, my sister and I had a girl's day.  They came to pick me up in the morning.  Ryder was beyond excited to have visitors.  He was equally as disappointed when he realized the visitors were leaving and taking his mom with them.  Tears ensued.  I couldn't get him to calm down.  I was telling him all the fun things he was going to do with Daddy.  Nothing.  Then I mentioned that he could help Daddy put together our new swing.  Immediately he stopped crying and started laughing with excitement.  I put him down, he said bye and he ran to get his tools.  
 Whenever Brandon is using his tools for something around the house, Ryder will go get his own tool to match.  
Brandon did say that as soon as the box was empty, he lost his helper.  As much as Ryder loves to use his tools nothing competes with a big, empty box.  And that big, empty box is still being enjoyed.


If You Give a Boy a Pot of Water

He'll dip his fingers in.
Then his hand.
 Then he'll have to get the rag wet.
 Then he'll get himself wet.
 Then little brother will have to get in too.
 Then it's just a pool party.


Call Me Carol Brady

My nieces and nephew came to stay with us for a couple nights.  You're seeing that right:  3 boys and 3 girls.  We played Brady Bunch for a little while, and it was fun.
 Plus, I made them earn their keep.
BTW, Elania Pfaff is my hero.  :)


Jack's Birthday Party

We had a little family party for Jack-Jack this past Sunday.  It was pretty simple:  pizza, cupcakes and water games.  But I just had the best time.  I'm so thankful for our two little boys and being with able to celebrate them with our family is just the best.  Here are some of the highlights.