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Two and a half

Love this kid!
 What a difference a year makes.
 I didn't like the fake smile in the first picture, so I asked him for another picture.  Here is what I got.  I think it sums up my two and a half year old pretty well.


Ryder's First Trip to the Dentist

Walking in to find cartoons on the TV in the waiting room was relaxing for Ryder.  The nurse called his name.  He gripped my finger and wouldn't let go as we walked back to the exam room.  He wasn't too sure about the big blue chair until I gave him a little reading material.  His grip on the armrests never loosened.  Despite fear that made his little chin quiver, he still held still and let the dentist put a metal object in his mouth and poke at his teeth.  I was so proud of him.  His teeth checked out fine,  all nineteen of them.  His last baby tooth is about to break through his already crowded mouth.  Looks like he'll follow in our footsteps with braces. 


Our Weekend

Don't let the small number of photos from the weekend fool you.  It was full of fun and friends.  While I'm wishing summer would choose to stick around, there is something very special about sunny fall days.
 We went to the Art Festival in Logansport to watch Grandpa Al play.  Jack thoroughly enjoyed riding in the stroller basket.  He even snuck in a little nap.
 This is our view from the front seat while our sweet ones sleep in the back.  
Finally, Ryder got to see the chipper in action.  He has been waiting quite a while to see this thing up and running.  


No, Please

also known as
No, thank you.
At least he's polite even if it is not the correct phrase.
(Please excuse the oatmeal all over his face.  We're working on that.)


Learning To Use a Spoon Is a Messy Business

Jack eats so much better when he gets to feed himself.  And even better when he gets to feed himself with a fork or spoon.
It is just soooo messy.
But they have to learn sometime.  And truthfully, Ryder is much cleaner when using a spoon. :)
The Aftermath


It's Getting Out of Hand

It started out with Buzz and Woody.  Now Ryder prefers to sleep with Buzz, Woody, bunny, "roar" (the lion), Barkley (the dog), App (the alligator) {Don't ask me how he came up with that one???}, Udder App (the other alligator),  Ball (the orange fuzzy ball), Bad to the Bone (the red fuzzy ball) {It's a long story how he came up with that one} and Ah Ah (the monkey).  He can either be hanging above or
 snuggled tightly in Ryder's arms.
And he must be covered up with blanket his train blanket with the trains facing up.  Thankfully, Ryder doesn't mind if his night time friends stay at home when we travel.  We might have to get storage above our car if they all had to come with us.


Sweatshirts, Leaves and 60 degrees

These aren't exactly things that I had dreamed about during my last summer hurrah, but we made the most of them and had a blast.
 Jack played on this tractor for forty minutes straight.  I'm thinking of hiring it as a babysitter.


Last Days of Summer

My goal for our four day Labor Day holiday is to jam as much summer fun into them as possible.  Here's our first stop was Silver Beach.  Oh, how I will miss this place.  Already looking forward to our visits next summer.
Jack wasn't happy that I was standing in front of him to take a picture.  He had to look around to see the water.
We built him his own personal water hole.
Which he loved.
Then Ryder invaded.
And eventually, took over.
So we buried him in the sand to keep him still.
Wrapped up and ready to go.
Jack is still mesmerized by the water.

Happy, Happy Saturday!

We are enjoying our long weekend.
 Are you?


Ryder's First Purchase

Ryder was quite enamored with this spider at the store the other day.  Thus far the toys at stores are the store's toys, and we must leave them there.  But he was loving this spider.  So I told him that his Uncle Bill and Aunt Lisa sent him some money for Halloween last year, and he could use it to buy it.  You can now find "Itsy, Bitsy" at our house.  I must say it is anything but itsy or bitsy.  
(Thanks too for the beautiful rug, Uncle Bill and Aunt Lisa.  We love it.  You guys have great taste.)


Smile! You're On Candid Camera

Alternately titled: 
"Sometimes I let my kids do something they shouldn't just long enough to run and get my camera and take a picture"
 Not exactly sure how Jack got in the basket, but he was enjoying himself.
 Isn't this how you watch your favorite show?
I'm not even kidding when I say that not only was he standing in Ryder's potty (which was clean, thankfully), he was munching on the toilet paper.