I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


Halloween 2011

Who wants to decorate cookies?  
Ryder does.
 I kept Jack happy by offering him a cookie to eat.  One toddler boy with a container of sprinkles is enough for me.
 I iced, and Ryder selected the type of sprinkles and decorated a cookie for everyone we were going to see that evening.  
 Jack ate three cookies in the meantime.
 This is what happened when I went to get the other batch of cookies out of the oven.  The whole process aged me a few years, but I tried to stifle my desire for order for the sake of making memories.  
 Orange sprinkles for Grandma Susan.  Jack cheered Ryder on the whole time.
 I'm pretty sure the best part for Ryder was eating the fallen sprinkles off the table after each cookie was decorated.
 I finally let Jack have a try.  He immediately put the sprinkles right on top of the cookie.  Thankfully, the icing jammed the hole and no sprinkles could come out.  I quickly traded him a cookie to eat for the sprinkles.
 Ten cookies decorated and an hour to clean up the mess.  :)
 Ryder was really proud when he handed them to the people he made them for.
 Here are the two pictures I got of the boys in their costumes.  They took their costumes seriously and acted just like wild animals.  Whew!  I was flying solo (poor Brandon had to work late) and exhausted by nights end.
 They were exhausted too.
We had a ton of fun and ate waaaaaaaaaaaay too much candy.  


We got our camera back!

I'm way too attached to my camera.  It feels sooooo good to have it back.  I was taking a few pictures yesterday, and Ryder said he wanted to get his camera too.  So we took pictures of each other.  


A Walker and a Talker

This little guy is now toddling around saying milk, nigh-nigh and about fifteen other words.  Where did time go?      


Tag Along

We've been going on a lot more walks now that both boys are walkers.  Even though they are usually no less than twenty feet apart, both Jack and Ryder think its so funny that Jack is walking.  They are going to have a lot of fun when they can both run at the same speed.


Random Funnies

And we're back!  I'm borrowing a camera, so I'm hoping to be posting more frequently again.  Here are random pictures that I find hilarious.  These boys are such a joy to me.
 Knock, knock.  I can't even tell you why Jack is naked on our front porch.  I'm sure at the time the picture was taken it made more sense, but right now this picture just cracks me up because its so random.
 "Steak, please!"  No babies were hurt in the taking of this picture.
 Accessories make the outfit.  If you've spent anytime around Jack you know he's a shoe lover.  Here are the sandals he insisted on wearing over his pajamas.
 Poker Face.  Nothing like wearing a sock cap and spinning poker chips for a good time.  


Lil' Zoo Boo

Our visit was short but sweet.  The boys are so yummy in their Halloween costumes.  


The Penn Farm

Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Robert invited us out to their farm to pick pumpkins.  You would have thought Ryder found a pot of gold everytime he spotted a pumpkin.
 Then we got a peek at the barn filled with tractors a.k.a. Heaven On Earth for Ryder.
 There wasn't a button left unpushed by the time we left.
 Jack got in some walking practice.
Just an FYI, my camera is broken so posts will be few and far between until it gets fixed.  Sorry!


The Apple Festival 2011

Some pictures from last Saturday's adventures to Niles, MI Apple Festival.
 Ryder was a little shy about riding with kids he didn't know.  He didn't smile the entire ride.  
 A little drive home entertainment.  
Ryder touches my laptop screen to get things to move like it's an Iphone.  Keyboards are so 2000s.  


You've Got Mail

Ryder is finally old enough to really appreciate when mail arrives for him.  It was beyond cute today when he and Jack both received Halloween cards from Aunt Lisa and Uncle Bill.
 Sorry Jack is in the way, but look at Ryder tossing the envelope aside in order to get to the good stuff.
 He has been talking/ playing/ showing his card off non-stop.  
Aunt Lisa and UB, 
Thanks for thinking of us.  We loved your cards.
Ryder and Jack