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Spencer Park

 Brandon was climbing up the ladder after Ryder.  Ryder said "I'll help you, Daddy" and offered his hand to Brandon.


Turkey Tour 2011

We had the pleasure of attending three Thanksgivings and hosting one in our home.  This year I am most thankful for my boys' budding friendship.  I caught them holding hands and giggling with each other on our drive to a dinner on Thanksgiving day.  

***I'm so behind on blogging.  I'm going to back date a few posts for a few days.  


The Play Place

We went to Chic-fil-A the other day to burn some energy.  After tiring of playing with the shoes that must be removed before entering the play area, Jack watched Ryder to learn the ropes of how things go.
 With some encouragement from me Ryder helped Jack climb up the ladder.  
Jack played for a good twenty minutes up in all the tunnels, but there was no way he was coming down the big slide alone.  After much pleading from me for him to come down, I finally made my way up the slide to rescue him.  Here he is begging me to help him.
Ryder had no problem entertaining himself while I tended to Jack.  



Just a few ways I've found Ryder lately...
 (watching Dinosaur Train)
 (taking a nap in the bath tub with Aunt Kylee as his pillow)
((she can't say no to him))

 (visiting Owen's house) 

Ryder's First Ever Picture

Not bad, huh?



Jack vs. The Wind

Our puddle jumping experience was enhanced by the crazy wind yesterday. It was all Jack could do to keep from blowing backwards at times.  He never did though.  I chalked it up to an exercise in balance.  
 I caught the above picture right as a big gust came.  Check out Jack.  I zoomed in so you can see him better.  Heehee.  
 Fighting the wind

So thankful for these warm November days.


An eraser, two toothpicks and a few Cheerios

I saw this awesome idea on Pinterest (oh, how I love Pinterest).  This game held Ryder's attention for a good ten minutes.  That never happens.  Any mother of small children should try this.

 Look how proud he is.  
 Jack on the other hand needs no help finding things to do.  


The Night Night Game

Ryder's favorite game is still pretending to go to sleep.  He must have a "blanket and pillow".  It can get pretty interesting with imagination of a two year old.  
 Even a bike will do!
 And for the sake of not leaving the second born out, here is Jack helping us clear some brush in Aunt Kylee's new backyard.