I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


My Four Christmas Pictures

just don't do our Christmas celebrations justice, but I got lost in the moment and forgot to be diligent about pictures.  Ryder finally got the excitement of everything this year, and it just made it the best.  
 He likes to climb EVERYTHING now.
 Finally found a game he has the attention span for.  It makes my game loving heart happy.
 A toddler version of the hamster wheel
When did he get so big?


Christmas Traditions

The making of the Gingerbread House
 All wrapped and ready to go look at Christmas lights
This house had its lights synched to a few songs.  Ryder was mesmerized my it.  



Well, our first stomach bug has hit Ryder. Here he is fast asleep next to me. I'm on the couch, he's on a made up bed on the floor. He thinks it's pretty cool to sleep next downstairs. That and the fact that he got to stay up later watching his "moodees". Oh yeah, and his first taste of Sprite. When he first tried it, he made a funny face. I assume from the carbonation. Then immediately laughed and said yummy. Brandon joked that he's going to want to be sick more often. Let's hope not. Here's to a speedy recovery.


Joint Punishment

If I send Ryder to the corner because he's in trouble, Jack waddles over and stands in a corner(or maybe a wall) too.  If Ryder is crying, Jack will mimic the sound.  So sweet.  Jack sure does love Ryder.


Staying the Whole Night at Aunt Kylee's

Whenever Ryder gets to spend the night somewhere he says "Ryder going to stay whole night" thus the title of this post.  From the looks of the pictures Kylee took, I can see why he likes spending the night away from home.  

Making cookies
 Buying time watching a Christmas classic
 And finally, eating.



 Jack loves to hoard sippy cups.  What's better than one milk, two! 
 Fresh up from his nap.
 Jack's new crooked smile.  It's the cutest. Excuse the bruise on the forehead and the scrape on the nose.  Sigh.  Life with boys. 
 It's hard to tell because of my camera flash, but Ryder is hanging out under his fort with a fake candle for some ambiance.  
Jack mastering the fake smile.  


Spinning: Now and Then

Remember this just a few months ago.  
Notice Ryder saying over and over again that he isn't going to the doctor.  He doesn't stop until you repeat what he says.  This happens multiple times an hour in our house.  


How to Appropriately Celebrate Making a Basket

This video is from a few months ago, but I finally got it off of my sister's IPhone.  It was too good not to post.