I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


Life Lately

Snip-its of life in the last few weeks.  I've been a slacker about taking pictures and posting.  
The boys playing library.  They carried all their books in the living room and Ryder began checking them out for Jack by stamping them with his play doh.  I find this very creative, but I'm not quite sure how he learned it since computers check us out at the library.  
It was late, and the boys were walking SLOW.  We carried Hudson and let the boys ride in the "double" stroller.  Jack really did think it was funnier than his face would indicate.
Visiting dinosaurs
Baths with glow sticks
I realized I don't have enough sleeping Hudson pics.  Here's my first step towards changing that.  Look at that bed head.


Christmas 2012

Some of the highlights
 (I think my face in this picture sums up how much I love seeing the boys experience Christmas and all it entails.)
 (The boys didn't really understand that Santa was leaving gifts.  They just wanted to know if he ate his cookies and drank his milk.)

 (I knew he'd warm up to Mickey.)
 (Our first Christmas morning in our own home.  It was just as wonderful as I'd imagined.  Hudson decided to sleep in until 10AM.)
 (Hudson even started rolling over.  We left him like this, and he ended up like below.)


Some Things To Remember When They Are Fighting Nonstop

Jack: Ryder, what you got in your mouth?
Ryder: Spit!
(Then they both just stare at each other.  Ryder is puzzled by the question.  Jack looking to see if indeed his brother isn't hiding anything tasty in there. He wasn't, by the way.)

Ryder (talking to Kylee about why they were up at 5AM):  I had a really funny dream. I wanted to tell Jack, so I just yelled Jack, Jack Jack until he waked up.


Ho Ho Ho

 Not bad considering we had this one to compete with...
I'm just glad they switched the Santa.  I'd cry on that guy's lap too.


Twelve Days of Christmas (Little Boys Remix)

Twelve matchbox cars 
Eleven stuffed lovies
Ten hours 'til bedtime
Nine pics of airplanes
Eight Dr. Suess books
Seven cozy covers
Six sets of piggies
size Four diapers
Three pairs of tennies
Two leaping littles
and a
baby in a bouncy chair


Happy Tuesday

When Jack saw Ryder's video from yesterday's post he giggle the entire way through.  Then he said "Where is mine?".  So of course, Aunt Kylee got right on making Jack his very own video too.  In case you don't know the video is in reference to the viral video Gangham Style.


Hudson in the Johnny Jumper

I delayed putting Hudson in this because I wanted to wait for a time when the playroom was clean.  But really that only happens about once every two weeks and only lasts for half a day at that.  So please forgive the mess.  The playroom is the last thing on my mind with three little dudes to play with all day.  So I stuck him in there and he loved it.  Still a little wobbly, but he'll get better.


Four Months

Hudson really is such a wonderful baby.  I'm very thankful for his easy going nature.  Here is what he has been up to this month...
*being as close as you can be to rolling over without actually doing it
*drooling buckets 
*loving his brothers (He is so content to sit and watch them play.  I often catch myself about to say stop messing with Hudson only to notice that Hudson has the biggest smile.)
*holding his head up
*sucking his first two fingers or his middle two fingers, really which ever he can find(We quit the swaddle cold turkey mid-month.  I think swaddling was starting to frustrate him because he wanted his fingers.)
*blowing raspberries
*loving his swing
*sleeping terribly for the first half of the month and now he is sleeping great again
*discovering his hands and trying to use them
*getting his first hair cut
*"talking" to us

We go to the doctor on Monday, so I'll update this part then.  I measured him on our scale this morning.  He was thirteen pounds even.  We'll see how accurate it was. 
(four months)
(three months)
(two months)
(one month)

And for comparison...
(Hudson-four months) 
 (Jack-four months)
(Ryder-four months)