I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


A Breakfast Mess

Jack was eating his waffles and syrup so nicely the other day.  Then I turned my back for literally a minute to wash a dish only to turn and find he had put his syrupy plate on his head and then styled his hair.  Off to the bath we went. 
 I think he did it on purpose to get solo time in the tub.  This was before I washed his hair.  I think his hair looks cute.  If only it were gel and not syrup.


Go Berries!

We took Ryder to watch the Lady Berries win the NCC basketball championship game this past weekend. This picture says it all. The night included no brother to compete with, popcorn, sips of soda, high fiving Felix the Cat, staying up waaaay past his bedtime. When I asked him what his favorite part of the trip was on the way home, he said "Sitting with Susan" (his name for Grandma Susan). My boys are crazy about their grandparents.
On the way to Logan I was telling Ryder to say "Go Berries" whenever the team scored a basket. When we got there he kept saying "Go strawberries! Go blueberries!" Just a funny little thing I wanted to remember from the evening.


Here We Go Again

New Year's Day 
 New Year's Eve
Our first five kids have a lot of fun playing together.  Can't wait to add three more to the bunch.


Ten New Little Fingers, Ten New Little Toes

Our third little blessing will be joining our family in early August.  
We couldn't be happier or crazier :)



Nothing quite like exploring a cave with your cool new flashlight


I think they are enjoying their Christmas presents

We got some major boy toys this Christmas.  We are happily swimming in trains and tractors.  Sometimes when you pick something out, you just can't imagine how much someone is going to enjoy the gift.  I wish I could send you each a video of the boys playing the gift you got them.  Thank you!
 Ryder's nap spot of choice.
Jack wore his new lion bath towel for a good forty-five minutes this morning.


Happy Birthday, Kylee!

The seasons of birthdays has begun for our family.  Can you tell by Ryder's face?  First off, Kylee Marie.   
Things I love about this video...
1.  From the look on Jack's face, I think he believes we are singing to him.
2. Ryder's falsetto ending (and the fact that he is singing with us at all)
3.  If you listen carefully, you can hear Jack wish Kylee a happy birthday at the end (right before Ryder screams "Eat now?"



a fire truck
a window pane
a two and half year old
With two boys I figured a broken window was in our future at some point, but now just seems a little too early.  Maybe we just got it out of the way early.  For now there's a card board box in place of the pane.  Classy, I know.