I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


Just a Few Pics From the Week

 Do you think he liked the ice cream cake? 
 Ryder has turned into quite the gymnast.  At any minute he could stop and do a somersault.  
Waiting for their muffins to finish.  


A Daddy's Work Is Never Done

What you worked a twelve hour day?  
 Can I have a horseback ride?
Me too?  Me too!

(And yes, those are still the last of my Christmas decorations up.  I just can't bear to have an empty mantel.  I know they have to go.  The plumber totally called me out on it the other day.  Anyone want to sign me up for a HGTV show to come and decorate my house? )


The Couch that Keeps on Giving

Who knew a cushionless couch could be so many things?  The boys have spent hours upon hours on this thing this winter.  They come up with so many games to play on it.  

A basketball court
 A zoo
(Jack the roaring lion)
(Jack the lion and Ryder the snake)
 (Jack the snake and Ryder the kangaroo)
Of course, a trampoline
 A great leap frog location
Surprisingly, Jack is a very willing participant in this game and no one to date has gotten hurt in the process.


Best Valentine's Day Gift

Watching my two little boys run full speed at each other and spontaneously hug this morning.  Then Ryder said "Awwww, I love him".  Better than jewelry any day.
(Accidently left my camera at my sister's house.  I'll have pics as soon as I get it back.  ((Hint hint, Kylee)) )   


A Medley

I rounded up some random videos from the past year.  By themselves they aren't really blog worthy, but since this is my "scrapbook" I wanted them on here.  These are the moments that make our days.


18 Months Old Today

What a joy you are our little Jack-a-roonski! 
 So I was trying to get Jack to smile, so I would have the same picture I have of Ryder on his year and a half bday.  Jack wasn't really having it.  
 He was much more interested in seeing what his brother was doing.
 So rolled with it.
 I'm glad I did, too.