I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


They're Back

We're (and by we I mean the boys) are anxiously awaiting the metamorphosis of the four caterpillars aptly named Ryder Joseph, Jack, Mommy and Daddy by Ryder. 


And he shall be called...

I had wanted to keep his name a secret until he was born, but we've known the name for a few weeks and it's killing me not to share.  So I'm sharing.  Plus Ryder and Jack call him by name all time, so it was bound to get out prematurely anyways.  I've even had times where I almost slipped too.    

HUDSON:  We've loved this name since we first started thinking about boy's names it has just never been THE name, until now.  

OLIVER:  Obviously, this is my maiden name.  We like to chose family names for middle names, so this is a great way to honor my dad and his side of the family.  

So there you have it, our third son, Hudson Oliver Rodriguez.  Man, it feels good to see it in print.  



Ryder and Jack have a lot of fun playing together now.  It is what Brandon and I had hoped for when we decided to have our kids so close.  It's fun to see what we had dreamed would happen actually taking place.  You know, with a fight here and there, of course. 


Please Know

If you got a thank you card from Ryder for his third birthday, it was made with love.
I was encouraged to always have your child help write their own thank you cards after receiving a gift (to what degree will depend on their age, of course).  I was blown away with how much Ryder got it.  He said something similar to this video for every single person that got a card.  You are loved!  And, thank you for all the sweet gifts.  The boys are thoroughly enjoying them.  


Potty Training

While playing outside with one of his friends a few weeks ago, Ryder saw him go the bathroom outside. (This friend lives in the country.) He immediately yelled "He's peeing in the yard like an animal.". Ryder thought it was about the coolest thing ever. Now he insists on going outside too whenever he is able. While I don't find this ideal at this point I am desperate and willing to do anything to get the boy out of diapers. Here he is digging a hole to go the bathroom in and then trying really hard to go in the hole. Boys!



We've been taking it easy around here trying to recover from the plague.  Here's a little bit of what we have been up to...
 Watching the neighbors work on their house
 Potty training for the bajillionth time.  Hopefully, this time sticks.
 Playing cars
 Pretending to be ghosts
Making Mr. Potato Head


Easter 2012

I have been pretty sick,  so we didn't even make it to make it to church on Easter. :(  I did drag myself to my mom's house so the boys could a least have a little Easter fun.  They insisted on the hats.