I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


First Splash Pad Trip of the Summer

Someone was a little excited to get there
 Apparently, this was a little to scary for them.  It took them about fifteen minutes to even walk up to the perimeter. 
 Ryder finally went in but avoided getting too wet. 
 Jack preferred the benches.
 Upon request I took a picture of Ryder being a duck. 


Lazy Weekend Morning

Dads think of the best games. 
And in honor of the Indianapolis 500 we held a little race of our own.


The Big Surprise

Kylee has been waiting for ages to get the boys one of these.  Seriously, she talked about it when I was pregnant with Ryder.  We decided to wait for a day in between the boys' birthdays so neither of them would think it was theirs.  Yesterday was the big day.  Here are the boys watching Aunt Kylee pull up with the surprise.  
 And here's when they finally saw it.
 A car!
They were so excited.  Ryder actually got pretty good at driving by the end of the day.  They played with it all day.  Ryder asks Jack to go for a ride and Jack says "yeah".  It's quite cute.  


Front Yard + Water

Makes for the best summer evenings.  
It's how we've spent most of ours and hope to spend a lot more.



A spider is spotted.  Remember how I said everything ended in a bug hunt?


Anatomy of Playing Together

Jack wants to do what Ryder is doing.
 All is going well.
 Ryder gets too crazy.
 And Jack whines.
Rinse and repeat.


Life Lately

Our three caterpillars turned into beautiful butterflies
The boys are enjoying Hudson's crib (a.k.a. their animal cage)
Ryder didn't feel well and requested Jack lay with him to help him feel better
And lots of playing in the cabinets


No Matter What We Do It Always Seems to End in a Bug Hunt

The boys had silhouettes of themselves from something at church.  We headed outdoors to spruce them up a bit.
 All was going well until...
See it there near the ear...
A roly-poly.
 And then all coloring was done and bug searching it was.
 Poor bug.  We are working on Jack's finesse and gentleness when holding small beings.


My Helpers

Kylee came to help me assemble a shoe cabinet we recently got.  Jack insisted on helping rather than watching his video.  
 They are obsessed with tools especially if they are the real thing.
Double fisting the hammers.  Look at that face.
 When they tired of building they provided some musical entertainment.  


Mother's Day and a Birthday

A good family picture, 
 cake so good you had to lick the plate clean,
 and waking up to birthday hats,
what more could I ask for?