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Splash Pads Can Play Mean Tricks On You

You know Jack really doesn't want to get wet when he runs towards the giant dog to get out of the water.  


Fair Food

One definite perk of having a festival in your backyard is being able to make many small trips rather than spending the entire day.  We headed over last evening for some dessert.  Between the four of us we had a ice cream cone and an elephant ear.  


Summer Fest 2012

Mishawaka held their annual festival this weekend.  The boys had  a lot of fun just watching the crew set up all week.
 Ryder loved loved loved all the bouncy rides they had.  He blew through 19 tickets in no time.  Jack went on two and then was done.  He was content just watching all the people.


Where O Where

have my good sleepers gone?  We've never really had much trouble with the boys not going to sleep right when we put them to bed.  Until the past few nights.  Here they are over an hour after being put to bed.
  Jack had climbed onto the top bunk which he has never done before.  He was calling out my name every five minutes or so because he didn't quite know how to get back down.
Ryder had, in the dark mind you, assembled all the cardboard books into this design.  He said it was for my birthday.  Sweet boy.  Now GO TO BED!


Poor Jack

He will be making the cutest face.  I snap a quick picture only to catch him all contorted or eyes closed or simply not looking so cute.  It makes for some funny pictures though.

 and for my personal favorite blooper picture of Jack ever...
and in case that wasn't close enough.
What can I say?  The kid loves watermelon.


The Cows and other Father's Day happenings

We spent most the day at my dad's house or at Papa Joe's as the boys say.  The boys wore themselves out doing country things like feeding cows, going for tractor rides and running around with no shoes on their feet.

Selecting just the right stalk for the cows.
 Ryder moos at the cows until they come.  They weren't coming fast enough, so Ryder politely said "moo, please!" in a stern voice.  
 By the end of the day the cows were eating watermelon rinds out of the boys' hands.  It's weird to think that Jack couldn't even walk last summer and now he wants to climb the fence (and I quote) "all by hisself"
 Then we headed over to Brandon's parents to catch the tail end of a cookout.  Jack was glued to Grandma Susan.  He has always had a special place in his heart for his grandmas.
 Four generations
 Two more boys will be cooking out with us next year.  I'm thirty-three weeks in this picture and Brandon's sister, Lindsey, is 30 weeks with her first.


Happy Father's Day, Brandon

Raising our boys with you is my greatest joy.
Thank you for all you do.
Which seems (from the pictures) to always involve water :)
We love you!

Daddy Questionnaire (in their words)

Ryder: 3 years 2 1/2 months
Jack: 22 1/2 months

What color hair does Daddy have?
Ryder:  black
Jack: pink
What color are Daddy's eyes?
Ryder: green
Jack: yellow
How tall is Daddy?
Ryder: tall like Mommy
Jack: maybe, pink
What is Daddy's favorite...
Ryder: lunch
Jack: maybe, fruit snacks
Ryder:  Big Rock Candy Mountain
Jack: Row Your Boat
activity to do with me?
Ryder: wrestle and go fishing
Jack: play ghost
What does Daddy do at work all day?
Ryder: visit with friends and go bye bye to work at something
Jack: at school
Who is Daddy's best friend?
Ryder: Ryder
Jack: me and Ryder and me
Why do you love Daddy?
Ryder: cause I love him already
Jack: maybe this
How do you know Daddy loves you?
Ryder: cause I'm special to him
Jack: (I couldn't get a straight answer out of Jack.  He was done at this point)


Ryder's Bike Ride

Ryder got a tricycle for his birthday back in March.  He went on his first official bike ride the other day while the rest of us did our best to keep up on foot.
 Sadly, our destination was locked.
Doing "Play Like a Champion".  It's what you do when you move to the home of Notre Dame, I guess.
 I just love how Jack is hugging Brandon's head.  So sweet.


Boys Will Be Boys

Lots of roaring, extreme sports and red meat!
What a fun life they lead.


Excuse My Absence

We've had visitors.  Eight to be exact.  The Pfaff family drove all the way from Maine to spend close to a week with us.  Jack and Ryder LOVED having all the kids around.  The boys have already asked if we could go to their house.  They've been gone eight hours.  Here's a small glimpse of the fun that ensued.
Lots of hanging out
 A trip to the Lincoln Park zoo
 While in Chicago we had to take them to Millennium Park and the Bean followed by Chicago style pizza.
 Silver Beach in St. Joe, Michigan
 This is our reaction to their departure this morning.