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Their Imagination is Exploding

It's crazy to see the things the boys come up with to play.  Here Ryder is pretending his cars are a blanket.  


Water Blob

When I saw this idea I had to try it.  Ryder and Owen loved it.    
 Jack on the other hand was not a fan.  He was content to just whack it with random objects.  
 He finally managed to try it out for about two seconds. 
But quickly found better things to do.
 Ryder on the other hand...


Regression Much?

Ryder insisted on watching TV in Hudson's car seat and would make fake baby cry noises every so often.  We might be in for some trouble soon.


Bowling for Baby

Tonight marked the third round of pregnant bowling.  I must say that bowling is much easier your first pregnancy or even second pregnancy than your third.  Brandon on the other hand got his second best score ever with a 213 (just one pin shy of his personal record).  Woot woot!  The boys loved it, and it was a good lesson in waiting your turn.  Although the waiting was made sweet when Gsa Gsa treated them to ice cream.  So Operation "Get Baby Hudson Out" is in full swing.  Let's hope tonight's adventure did it's job.



We are having some lazy days waiting on our newest addition to the family.
 Jack discovered his love of "finger berries"
 Ryder is helping me with my nesting.  


Hudson's Abode

Room is ready, all baby gear washed and Momma is tired.  You are welcome to come out as soon as possible.  Huge thanks to Kylee for doing so much to help with his room.  


Jack Goes to Indiana Beach

Last year Ryder and I made the pilgrimage to Indiana Beach.  This year Brandon and his mom took Jack.  Despite the temps being in the high 90s, they still managed to enjoy themselves.
 According to Brandon, Jack was rather serious on most of the rides.  He didn't cry or act scared, but he wasn't quite as enthusiastic as you might expect.  
 Jack had the most fun just running free leading his dad and grandma around and looking at all that the Beach had to offer.



You can tell how hot it's been by the lack of clothing in most of these pictures.  


Oldies but Goodies

I recently found a memory card that I forgotten about.  To my surprise it had some pictures on it.  I liken it to finding an old roll of film and having no idea what pictures were on it.  It was quite a nice surprise.  And since no cute photo of the boys should go unblogged, here they are:
(pics from October 2011)