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Yesterday I took the fellas on a trip to Walmart solo.  And today, the zoo.  Well half the zoo, but it's a start.  The boys and I haven't gone in public since Hudson was born.  Today was a little crazy.  It was hotter than I realized.  But we survived.  On the way home I saw a church sign that said "Everything is hard before it's easy".  Let's hope this applies to taking trips by myself with three kiddos in tow.
At least I wore them out.  


A Friend For Each

Although unintentional, our family seems to be on a parallel life course with our good friends the Hankins.  We both married the same year and have had kids within months of each other on three separate occasions.  It sure makes it convenient when we get together for everyone to have their own little buddy. Jimmy and Brandon grew up together.  We look forward to watching our kids do the same. 
Hudson and Gibson (3 months apart)
 Lilly and Jack (4 months apart)
Owen and Ryder (1 month apart)


Our Morning

Sorry so many of the pictures are blurry.  It's hard to capture my wild and crazy guys.


My Superheroes

The boys have been a bit smitten with super heroes since Jack received two masks and capes for his birthday.  They are often found flying around belting out the Spider Man song.
Then Gsa Gsa took my sweet boys for an overnight and these two guys came back.
 And they love to show off their muscles.


Hot Pockets

  Jack and Ryder have been playing with their pretend food and kitchen so much, I decided to let them "help" me make some hot pockets.  They weren't pretty, but they had a lot of fun with the process. 


A Lunch Date

While nursing Hudson the other day, Ryder brought me a little lunch.
 And not to be out done, Jack then brought me a lunch he had prepared.  
I have the sweetest little boys.


Tummy Time at Two Weeks

He seemed to tolerate it much better than Jack or Ryder ever did.    


A Cupcake Party

Hudson attended his first birthday party yesterday.  He pretty much did this entire time.  
 Jack and Ryder on the other hand thoroughly enjoyed the party and decorating their cupcakes.



One of the boys' favorite games now is "baby".  They ask for pacis and then make crying noises.  It entertains them for quite a while.  Whatever it takes at this point.


Hudson's First and Second Bath

 Hudson liked his first bath a couple of nights ago.  Thankfully, because we sure like to give them around here.  Nothing sweeter than a freshly cleaned baby.  Just be sure the water is warm enough.  He pitched a fit when it wasn't.  
 And then came the second bath.  It was Brandon's first time touching Hudson in nearly a week.  The big boys wanted to help.  They were instructed not to talk though since our bathroom is quite echoey.  We didn't want to over stimulate him.  Everything was so picturesque I had to go get my camera and capture the moment.  Then not a minute after taking the picture, Jack leaned too far forward and flipped into the tub.  Prompting him to scream at the top of his lungs.  Which in turn made Hudson scream for the rest of his bath.  And when we got him out he pooped all over his towel and cried until he was nice and dry in his pjs.  (Sigh)  Such is life sometimes.  
 On a side note we may not have grass, but we have got a ...


My Budding Little Artist

Many many times before Ryder scribbles on his Etch-a-sketch and declares it to be something.  Rarely does it actually look like what he says it is.  This time was an exception.  

"Look at my elephant. He sitting!"
I see it, Buddy.  Nice work.


They're Back!

 Thank you, Gsa Gsa and Papa, for keeping the boys for a week.  We treasured our one on one time with Hudson.  Now onto life as a family of five.