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Hudson's Routine

This is what I like to refer to as Hudson's corner.  When he wakes up he eats, we change his diaper and play until he starts to get fussy.  Then I swaddle him, put him in his swing and turn the fan on the highest it goes.  Sometimes he falls right asleep.  Other times he takes a while to drift off. It's like magic.   Most of the time Ryder and Jack end of playing in the same room.  And if you've ever heard them play, it's loud.  I'm so thankful for an easy, predictable baby.  It definitely makes life easier on us.   

The other day I looked over and Hudson was following the mobile with a big smile on his face.  (The coaster is a present for him to sleep with given to him by one of his brothers.)


The stool and a smile

I have a love/ hate relationship with the red stool.  It allows the boys to turn the light in their room on when they wake up early, for Ryder to wash his hands and for the boys to watch Hudson when I'm changing his diaper.  But the stool also allows them to do this kind of stuff...
And my sweet little Hudson so happy to be outside.


Rock Throwing

Tonight we headed down to the river to
 throw rocks that the boys and Brandon had dug up from our side yard.
 The boys munched on graham crackers while tossing away.
 Even the geese couldn't resist the fun.  Well, they might have thought we were throwing bread instead rocks.  Poor geese.  


"Big Rock Candy Mountain"

Sometimes before bed the boys and Brandon have a sing-a-long.  A recent favorite has been "Big Rock Candy Mountain".  Right before I took this video the boys were dancing around and singing as loud as they could.  When I got the camera it turned to this.  Hopefully, I'll catch them singing along soon.  But for now, I just love this video.  You just never know what these two will come up with to entertain themselves.
(These are not the correct lyrics.  Brandon has just heard the song a few times and strings the words he can remember together.)



 My baby
Jack's baby
He carries this little monkey all around swaddling him, burping him, putting him to sleep, etc.


7 Weeks

 Hudson traveled along with Brandon, myself, my sister, my mom and my aunt to Pittsburgh this weekend.  He did SO well.  I also noticed that he keeps his pinkies up when he sleeps and isn't swaddled.  Funny boy. 
We arrived home late last night after the boys were in bed.  Upon waking they raced to see Hudson.  Once they had their fill, they began to wrestle of course.  Hudson just watched on.  It's hard to believe my sweet baby will be wild and crazy someday too. 
He did lots of hanging out too.  He's starting to show his personality more and more.  Can't wait to see what he is like and how he fits in our family.  


You Might Be a Boy Mom If...

 you find Cars stickers stuck to the bottom of your pants,
 a bloody nose is considered cool or
 upon waking early from a nap, your child dumps his cars in the tub and climbs in to play.
I love my little guys.


Bathing Brothers

 Jack wanted to help Hudson get a bath.  Hudson was all smiles watching his brother.
 Jack's face when he told Ryder he pooped on the toilet.  
Ryder's concentrating.  And the Kinder tongues is passed to another generation.



Grandma Susan and Papa Chico mailed the boys a dollar each with the instructions to spend it on donuts.  Today the boys got their treat.
 I let the boys pick their own and pay for them on their own.  They were so proud of themselves.
 Jack picked the Cotton Candy and Ryder a Boston Cream.  At one point Ryder tried to lick the filling off the table.  While I totally understand wanting to do that I, of course, didn't let him.  
 Ryder ate it all but a bite and shared the rest with Jack who was begging for more donuts.  Jack isn't crazy about sweets like Ryder, but apparently he loves his donuts.  
 Not to be left out, here is Hudson dreaming of the day he can join in the donut eating.
 I caught this sweet moment.  They were discussing why they chose their donuts over donut balls.  (They refuse to say donut holes.)
 It was nice that a simple trip to get donuts turned out to be so entertaining for them.  Krispy Kreme was actually making donuts which amazed the boys.  
 Even Hudson
 Here are my little gentlemen holding the doors open for their momma as we were leaving.  


The Greats

We made a quick trip down to Logan to introduce Hudson to his great aunts and uncle.  Grandma Martha got in some good snuggles too.  The lighting wasn't that great, so I had to turn some of them into black and whites.


If You Were a Fly on Our Walls...

This is just a tiny bit of what you'd hear from Ryder.  There is never a dull moment.

"Mom, when I was a baby the doctor cut your head off to get me out of your belly too"
(Before Hudson was born Ryder was quite inquisitive about how Hudson was going to get out of my belly.  He was relentless.  I was able to give him an answer that I thought was truthful but age appropriate.  Apparently, this was his idea of how it happened.)

Me: Ry, will you please help me
Ryder: Mom, I a snake.
Me: Snake, will you please help me
Ryder: I don't have arms, silly.

rip-ped, take-ed, hide-ed, grab-ed
(He's picked up that you add an "ed" to verbs to make them past tense.  He just hasn't "learn-ed" how to say it correctly.  And I'm not ready to tell him either.  It's too cute to correct.)


6 Weeks

Hudson, you are the star of the show lately.  
 We are all so in love with you.  
I was trying to get a photo of you alone, but your big brothers just can't help but swarm you.  So if you don't have as many pictures alone, it is not because you are the third child but because you are extra loved.  


Another Medley

Well, six months have passed.  Here is another compilation of some random videos we took in that time.  We have a lot of fun that for sure.  Here's the first medley video we made in case you missed it.