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Trick or Treat (Take 2)

We started early with a morning trip to see Aunt Kylee since she doesn't get off until midnight.  It was a tad chilly, and the princes requested warm blankets.
 Turns out Kylee had actually worked until 3 AM, so we drug her out of bed to get our candy.
(Jack decided to change his costume.)
 Daddy came home and dressed up as a momma kangaroo.
 We busted out the makeup for tonight's costume.  Ryder was so happy to get facial hair and where his daddy's belt. 
 Jack wanted some paint too, so we drew an eye patch.
The cowboy and pirate waiting for trick or treaters.
 Cowboy Ryder (this pose is completely natural by the way) checking out the other costumes.
 Jack making his own patch.
 The boys walking down to trick or treat at a few houses.  They got cold pretty quickly, so we headed back to pass out more candy.  They loved it.  Ryder would yell "Come over here".  So adorable.
Happy Halloween!
*Poor Hudson was sleeping every time I pulled out the camera today. 


Trick or Treat (Take 1)

Apparently, we are starting a tradition of two days of Halloween festivities.  For the second year in a row we headed down to Logan to trick-or-treat at the grandparents' houses.  Brandon was able to join us this year, but that also meant we had to leave a little later in the day.  So we only got to go to Papa Joe's and Gma Susan and Papa Chico's houses this year.  

We started the day off right with a Halloween donut that a sweet baker gave to the boys for free.  In hind sight, I should be sure to fill the boys up with all healthy foods in the morning because once the candy is in their possession they want nothing to do with real food.  
 The boys were very happy to receive more Halloween cards today.  They got cards from three different people.  They are so loved. 
 On to making spider cupcakes.  I probably tried to fit too much into this day, but I couldn't resist using my new mixer for the first time.  And Ryder couldn't wait to turn it on himself.  
 Jack on the other hand. 
"It's too youd, Momma"
(That's donut remnants on his face.  Like I said, I couldn't wait to try out the mixer.)
 Our cute little pirate, tiger and sweet babe.
 Hudson and cousin Brennan (two and a half weeks apart)

The Evolution of Our Photo Shoots

1.  Coerce the boys into the area I want to take the picture
2.  Snap away as fast I can whilst doing the most ridiculous things to elicit a genuine smile
3.  Hope that we get a good one before someone decides to get up


Sweet Hudson and his Crazy Fun Big Brothers

 If it seems like Hudson is dominating the blog lately, it is because he can't run yet.  They are always chasing, wrestling, being silly, etc.  It's virtually impossible to get a picture with both of them where one isn't blurry from action.  Case in point (see below)...
The chair was a monster that was eating Jack's leg.
Never a dull moment.


Life Lately

 Even babies like papasan chairs
 Have a kid that's not quite ready to nap yet?  Build a "fort" for them to sleep in.  Works great.

 Ryder has been into distributing instruments and making bands.  
Late night milk shake run.


I want my milkshake.  No, I want to sleep.  No, I want my milkshake
It's really hard to see, but he went from dead asleep to sucking down his shake in a span of two seconds.  


Our YES Day

Yesterday I was irritable, impatient and discontent.  I felt guilty about it the minute my head hit the pillow.  Fortunately, my kids are forgiving.  I was determined to make today better.  I had heard somewhere about determining to say yes to everything your kids ask of you all day unless of course it is dangerous, destructive or totally against common sense.  Here's a little glimpse of how our day went...
Can I have a cheeto (It was just after 9AM)?  Yes.
Can I trade you a cheeto for the camera?  No!  (One thing I liked about the day was it forced me to justify to myself why I was saying no instead of just saying it.  I filed this one under going against common sense.)
 Can I put a pretzels in the muffin mix?  Yes.  
Can I pretend the muffin cups are fireworks and spread them all over the counter?  Yes
Zoo?  Yes

Instead of asking my kids to hold on so I could finish one more task, I looked at what they asked me to look at right when they asked.  Instead of working on my own projects, we all did it together.  Instead of making an elaborate meal, we had sandwiches in the park for dinner.  I didn't get as much done.  My house isn't as clean.  But I feel much better heading off to bed tonight.  I think more YES days are in our future, and hopefully, I'll say yes more throughout my normal days.  


The Fam

I looked up from my dinner prep and noticed the mess the boys had created for me, so I tried to prevent further damage by having them "write".  Well sometime between me giving them the paper and pencil and me finishing browning my meat they "wrote" all over the counter.  Sigh.  That's when I have to remind myself that "I'm going to miss this". If you randomly stop by my house, never will you see all three of my kids completely dressed at one time.  That's a fact.  
After a rough day Sweet Hubby 'o mine bathed and dressed the baby in about the cutest pjs ever while I just sat in a quiet room.  Love my fellas!


Hudson really likes to

stare at the lights in our house.  
 I know big surprise with my kiddos, right?
 He just lays there kicking and smiling and talking away.
He doesn't so much like the orange light on the camera.
There that is better.