I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


Lazy Days

Between the weather and Brandon working a lot, we've been spending lots of days in our pjs just hanging out.  It's a nice relief after the craziness of the last few months.  
Hudson woke up one day and had so much balance all of a sudden.  He's sitting on his own for a few seconds here and there.  The Bumbo (the green pillow around his waist) allows him to get himself back up if he starts to fall over.
The boys loved painting.  I'll have to take a picture of how Ryder decided to display their works of art.
I'm pretty sure I enjoy building different train tracks more than the boys. 


Can I Help?

No matter what I am doing the boys ask if they can lend a hand.  
Today Daddy obliged their requests.
 The passing of the torch.

 Jack said this was "probley wrong", so he had to "fix" it.  


Life Lately

These two.  They are always touching each other in some way whether it is wrestling, fighting, playing, or watching their favorite show.
 "Take my picture, Mama!"
 Morning snuggles


Playing In the Snow

I starting prepping myself for this adventure last night.  And yes, this adventure was only to our front yard.  However, if you have ever put snow gear on little ones before you understand.  Thankfully, we were able to go out when Hudson was warm and snug in his bed napping.  The boys were so excited they were very cooperative with the whole bundling up process.  It went much smother than expected.  They even stayed out for thirty minutes.  
Ryder was so serious about shoveling just like his daddy.



"Tigers" locked in their cages.
 Hudson loved watching Ryder play with his remote controlled car.
 Decorating cookies
Ryder first said he was done.  Then he looked at Jack's cookie and said "Those sprinkles look amazing.  Can I add some more to mine?"  
This picture just makes me so excited for all the fun that is ahead for these three together. 


Just a Normal Evening

I caught Jack in his favorite lounge position.  I simply can't resist giving him a big smooch on the cheeks when I catch him like this.  Adorable.
 I got out my camera in the first place to snap a quick pic of Hudson's hair since I last hacked attempted to give him a trim.  It was down to the middle of his nose if it wasn't pushed completely to the side.  
 Ryder roaring right in his brother's face.  Hudson loving every minute of it.
 What goes on most of the day.  A pair of brothers wrestling and one messing something up.  (Kylee, Jack looks just like you when you were little in this picture.  Weird.)
I had to wake Hudson up to take him to get his hair cut.  I think we can officially call him a finger sucker.
We seriously have the BEST hair dresser for the boys and Brandon.  She just razor cut the ends to make it look clean and not in his eyes but it doesn't look like he got a hair cut.  And she barely charged me.  Win, win.  The after pic...


An Email from Ryder

While I was at the dentist today, Ryder sneaked onto Aunt Kylee's computer and wrote me an email.  She then translated it for him.  

On Mon, Jan 14, 2013 at 12:18 PM, Kylee Oliver  wrote:

(Dear Mom, I'm writing a number from Ryder. And I love you. Did you know it's almost my birthday? I want you at my party and I really love you. Goodbye)

Oh, how I love this sweet boy.  Getting pregnant is sooooo exciting, but you can't even begin to imagine the immense joy parenthood will bring.  You look forward to birthdays, sharing Christmas with them, and all the other milestones.  Then they arrive and the everyday things they do like write you an email make you the proudest person alive.    
(Nov 2008)


My Little YouTube Lovers

The boys love to watch their favorite songs on the computer and sing and dance to them.  It's pretty cute.

Ryder thinks he's so funny when he says the "what" with the singer and mimics the singer's movements.
And, Jack has actually gotten pretty good at the Gangham Style dance since this video.


Lounging, Swinging, and Silly Stringing

Who needs a sofa when you have your little brother's toys?
 Hudson's first time in a real swing.  He was a little unsure at first.
 Then he warmed up to it.
Ryder finally got to enjoy one of his stocking stuffers from Santa and his hat from Gma Susan and Gpa Chico
Darling hat hair


First Attempt at Cereal

"What are we going to do, momma?"
"What's this in my mouth?"
"Shew, I'm glad that's out of my mouth."
I suppose he's not quite ready yet.  Maybe in a few weeks we'll try again.



"Take a picture of me, Aunt Kylee." 
"Meeeee toooooo, Aunt Kylee."
I was actually wearing make up and real clothes when Aunt Kylee was taking some pics, so I decided to get one with the boys since it doesn't happen very often.  These next three pics pretty much sum up every photo session. 

1.  One boy wants to show off something, one is whiny, and baby takes his best picture.
2. One kids gets crazier, one gets whinier, and baby slips lower and looks more awkward.
 3. I bribe or threaten to get big boys to sit still and smile.  Still, check.  Smile, 50% ain't bad.  Poor baby, blurry and done.