I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


Sneak Peek

We had Hudson's six month pictures taken the other day.  The photographer sent a sneak peek to hold us over until she gets the others edited.  I added Jack and Ryder's six month photos also.  I love to compare the boys.  My, my they all look alike.    
 (photo by Jenny Hoke)
(Ryder--photo by Picture People)
(Jack--photo by Picture People)


A Pile of Dirt

Thankful for a husband who can make an adventure out of a pile of dirt and a little boy who is following in his footsteps.


Happy Birthday, Grandma Susan

Nothing like ringing in a new year of life twice.  The boys sure didn't mind.  


Self Portraits

This is what Ryder does every time he is allowed to play with the IPad. When I was in kindergarden we had our own bathroom in the classroom. There was a full length mirror. Whenever I would go in there I just could not escape being lured into looking at it. I'd make faces and do all sorts of silly stuff to see my reflection. Once I missed a fire drill because I was in the bathroom so long my teacher forgot about me. At the time I could have died of embarrassment, now I think it is hilarious that Ryder has inherited the same love of seeing his reflection do goofy things. Except now we have a way to keep these little gems for all of eternity.

One Thousand

One thousand posts of our sweet little life.  Not perfect or not always pretty but I'm loving every minute of it with my four favorite guys. 
Imaginations abound.
The babe now "joins" us at dinner.
 After a proper lesson in how to eat spaghetti it turned to this.  And yes, those are blueberries.  I jokingly asked Ryder if he was making spaghetti and meatballs to which he answered as if I were crazy, "No, Mom.  It's blueberries and worms.".   


Seize the Day

When I went out to check the mail yesterday, I noticed it was unseasonably warm.  I learned my lesson a few weeks ago, when I passed up venturing outside with the boys in order to get stuff done.  The weather didn't wait for the chores to be done and the next day came with snow flurries.  So out we went.
Hudson usually dictates how long we can stay out.  Today he found his fingers and let us enjoy a few more moments in the fresh air.


The Art Room

We rearranged a little to create a space for the boys to let out their creative energy.  I couldn't be happier with the *results.
*results:  quiet, focused boys working diligently on their choice of activity. 
  Ryder declared, "I'm going to make Susan a birthday card".
Jack chose a puzzle.  
I feel like we are starting to turn a corner.  The boys have been settling down a bit more lately.  Opting for building blocks, racing cars, playing Play-doh, and calmer activities of the like.  Although, there is still plenty of wrestling, running, jumping, and screaming.  Oh, the screaming!  But we'll take whatever we can get.


A Budding Artist, a Big Boy, and a Birthday

Ryder took these first two pictures.
 I would officially call Hudson a sitter now.  I still put something soft behind him just in case though.
We celebrated Poppa's birthday last weekend.  The boys didn't have any fun and didn't love, love, love the cake.

Ryder built Gsa-Gsa a stick monster and Jack helped to decorate it with silly string.