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Ryder Turns Four!

Good Morning, Birthday Boy
 Ryder woke up, broke out of his streamers, and immediately started playing with his new Spiderman toy from the night before.
Papa Bob's big reveal of the puppet theater he made.
More presents
 More singing and cupcakes
 Hudson and Brennan happily played with their toys while the boys tested out their new bikes.
Ryder's new big boy bike. 
Jack was happy as can be about his new-to-him tricycle.
 Ry has been waiting for this moment for weeks.  We have a nightly ritual where Ryder shows me how much he has grown.  He was thrilled to final get to mark the ruler and see that he added three inches to his height since last year.
Ryder, you are such a joy to us. We love you!
Happy Birthday.

Easter 2013

Ryder's birthday fell on Easter this year, so we had Easter dinner/ another birthday celebration at our house this year. Here's some of the highlights of the Easter portion.
Ready for the egg hunt
After opening their Easter baskets, Jack declared "I've always wanted this" in reference to his cookies and cream candy bunny.
 Sweet little Hudson
 and cousin, Brennan
 Third time this sweater has been worn on Easter.


Birthday Party. Ninja Turtle Style

Ryder's friend party was a hit.  This last fuzzy picture pretty much sums it up.  Lots of Ninja Turtles, cupcakes, loved ones, presents, a pinata brimming with yummies all topped with a warm sunshine filled evening. What more could a boy ask for? 


Time Marches On

In one day Hudson got a tooth, decided to gnaw on an apple, and slept through the night.  Ryder is three days shy of his fourth birthday.  Jack peeled his own orange without me knowing. What's happening to my babies?


Rub-a-dub-dub. Hudson can sit in the tub.

The infant insert has been removed from Hudson's bathtub.  He was beyond delighted.  Thankfully, (for my sake) he doesn't seem to have the same affinity for splashing as Jack and Ryder.  He did enjoy playing with the water.  Baby's gettin' big. 


My Little Monsters

Aunt Kylee offered to buy the boys these monster finger puppets that the boys discovered in a magazine I get.  They love to just look at them.  The other day Jack started posing like the monsters.  We laughed so hard that Ryder decided to join in the action.  Kylee captured some of the poses.  Ryder very serious face was his interpretation of the monster's.


Oliver Tractor Show

We met up with Robert, Lindsey and Brennan yesterday for the Oliver Tractor show at the SB Conference Center.  Thanks Lindsey for taking the pictures.



 Jack asked to hold Hudson and quickly declared him too big.  So Ryder took a turn.  It makes me so happy that the boys love him so much.
Jack ran up to me and declared, "I'm Papa Joe!"
 We took advantage of the great natural light and had a mini photo shoot.  Not an easy task, I tell ya.
 I wanted to see if Hudson would take a Cheerio.  Not interested in those either.  He has to eat food eventually, right?
 Then this happened.