I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


A Saturday Workout

Lately, the boys have been mimicking my workout videos.  We'll be trying to put them to bed only to be told they have to do their exercises.  Then they proceed to break out into a frantic jumping with their arms flailing also known as jumping jacks.  Or mid meal Ryder stands up to do hip circles.  It really is quite cute.  Today, Jack started exercising when the camera was around. 
 (hip circles)
 (leg lifts)
 (jumping jacks)
 (waiting and ready for the next exercise)
(push ups)
(cool down stretches)
Jack is mimicking his daddy who might struggle a little to touch his toes thus the strained face.


Little Bits of Sunshine

We are working with the little spurts of warm, sunny weather we are given lately by fitting in little trips outside.  On this day, I was driving around trying to find a park that doesn't have sand that we like to visit.  Instead I found another cute little park with a big soccer field which the boys were over the moon about.  They had made an extra trip back in the house before we leaft just to grab a soccer ball for our adventure.  Our city has so many nice, little parks.
 "I a soccer ball boy, Mama."
 Unfortunately for me, the park had sand.  Fortunately for Ryder, the park had sand. You can imagine my dislike for parks with sand.
 Hudson was just as happy to play with the grass as swing or be held my me, but there isn't much in life that doesn't make Hudson happy.
 No matter how fast I went, this kid kept yelling faster.
 Jack said he was riding to "Chucky Cheese.  Where my work is" and Ryder was "going to visit Owen in Logansport for one hour".
 Ryder asked if we could come back to the park next time with warmer pants.  Oops.  I might have been deceived by the sun into thinking it was warmer than it was.  Thankfully, I brought their jackets.

And just because I love, love, love these trees.



Got to get creative when it comes to rainy day entertainment. 

Jack's Potty Trained!!!

 Less than a week after we started, Jack is potty trained.  It is totally crazy how quickly he picked up on it.  As difficult as Ryder was to potty train, Jack was wonderful.  I blame it completely on the fact that Jack was ready, and we followed his lead.  Ryder asked to take some pictures and these pictures are what he captured.  We're all pretty happy for Jack.  Cheers to one kiddo in diapers at the Rodriguez household!


8 Months

What Hudson has been up to this month...
*getting two bottom teeth 
*sleeping through the night (about 12 hours per night) and two long naps a day
* babbling and saying "da da"
*grabbing for everything
*waking up happy and wiggling over to play with stuffed animals on the other side of his crib
*loving wooden spoons, playing with his brothers, and sitting up in the bath
*grabbing for everything
*observing (He loves to just sit and look around at everything)
*munching on a chunk of apple and an orange in a teething mesh (still won't keep any other food in his mouth)
 (eight months)
(seven months)
(six months)
(five months)
(four months)
(three months)
(two months)
(one month)

And for comparison...


Here We Go Again!

 He's so ready. We are so not. Let's hope it goes a little faster and smoother than the last child we potty trained. 



We all ran ourselves a little rugged with all the hustle and bustle of the past few days.  Jack even managed to get our first ever ear infection at the Rodriguez household.  He woke up crying three times last night before I scooped him up, gave him some Tylenol, and moved to the guest bed with him.  While he slept the rest of the night, he was moaning the entire time.  This morning when he said his ear hurt, off the doctor we went. Our first round of prescription medicine in four years. Let's hope it is at least four more before the next. Here's to laying low and lots of rest the rest of the week.

*This is solely for my reference next time I suspect one of our kids has an ear infection.
(Symptoms: very fussy, waking in pain at night, said ear felt cold and hot, ear pain, runny nose, no fever)