I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


All This Happened Before 9AM

I went out to water my plants before the heat of the day.  I should have known three little boys would be following me out to play.  I should have known they would beg for hose and to fill up their pool.  I should have known they would strip down just to see their clothes float.  The boys are teaching Alvin all about being a boy.


Since I Last Posted...

I guess Ryder has been feeling a little out of the spot light.  He's been army crawling around like Hudson trying to get me to take pictures of him.  So I do because who can resist this?
 He's just a little too fast for the camera.
 So Hudson is army crawling which really just looks like swimming out of water.  He works so hard to get basically nowhere.  He works even harder if he's trying to get to any type of food.  Here's how I found him recently.
 Hudson got his first bath in the sink.  It was a hit.
 We met Brandon for lunch.  The boys were really into the hats.  So into them that when Jack's blew off I had to run full speed to catch it as it blew all the way across the parking lot while he screamed hysterically.  That's love, people.  
 The flowers Ryder asked Brandon to get me for my birthday.  He thought of the gift and asked Brandon all on his own.  It ranks up there with one of my favorite gifts ever.  



I was trying to cut little pieces of orange for Hudson during our picnic dinner when he managed to crawl to Jack's peanut butter and jelly sandwich and stuff it in his mouth before I noticed.  He was equally proud and delighted with the new found treat.  He is our most tenacious eater.  I guess he's making up for all he missed by waiting until nine months to eat.  We just love our little happy, hungry guy.


Our Day

The boys and I shared this delicious breakfast from Papa Chico and Grandma Susan.  The chocolate strawberries were the unanimous favorite.
 I caught Hudson waving to himself in the oven.  The camera didn't do such a good job at catching it.
 Jack asked if he could have an apple with dinner. Little did I know that he meant he wanted to climb up on the table and start eating it immediately. 
 Ryder had his Cubbies ceremony tonight.  He worked hard and memorized all his verses in his book. The Cubbies sang a few songs for the parents.  Ryder stood perfectly still the entire time.  He said he was a little bit afraid and the girl next to him kept bumping him when she was doing her motions.  Thankfully, he gave me a private performance afterwards. 
 Can you spot him?  (Hint...you can only see a little bit of our little guy's face)
 This was as good as I got.  I think we have a stubborn one on our hands.
 Sweet little Hudson sat through the whole thing so nicely.  Jack got to go with Papa.
 Just a little light reading while the older kids get their awards. 
Ryder worked really hard this year.  Not so much to memorize, that seemed to come naturally, but to work up the courage to say his verses to his teachers and go into the class by himself.  We are very proud. 



I had a great day and felt very celebrated by so many people.  Thank you all. 


The Statues and Pink Trees

We have a Japanese Garden by our house that has some statues the boys are obsessed with.  Every time we drive by it the boys let me know (very, very loudly) if the garden is open or closed.  I've missed seeing the flowering trees up close the past couple of years, so this year I was sure to take a walk during the full bloom of the pink beauties.  Our friend, Alvin decided to join us for the walk.  He smack dab in the middle of Jack and Hudson and fits right in with our crew.
 My attempts at a group photo.  I could just eat Jack and Hudson they are so adorable in this picture.
 Jack telling all of us which of the statues are his brothers and which are his friends.
 Always taking his sweet time on a walk, Jack serenades us as we go.
He picked out his own shoes.


9 Months

What Hudson has been up to this month...
*talking more
*EATING SOLIDS!  He is not a fan of purees though.
*army crawling
*attempting to pull himself up unsuccessfully
*loves to stand holding on to your finger
*loving to jump in this Johnny Jumper
*playing independently with toys
*responding to his name

(nine months)
 (eight months)
(seven months)
(six months)
(five months)
(four months)
(three months)
(two months)
(one month)

And for comparison... 


The Past Two Weeks

Here are some snippets from the past few weeks...
 Ryder dictated to me , signed his name, and decorated the front of his thank you cards.  Thus why it took nearly a month to finish them all. 
 Lots of sweet little moments with our darling boys.
 What is one to do when winter won't let go?  Go swimming!
 Ryder's drawing of Brandon complete with whiskers.  Hee hee.
 Ryder's first drawing of a person. I wondered if my boys would ever take to drawing and coloring.  Finally, they have. 
Owen's fourth birthday party was cute and fun as always. Ryder was a bit overwhelmed with all the new faces.  Jack was not.  Despite being one of the youngest, he jumped right in with the big kids.
 Jack stopped mid-game to pick me a flower.
 We visited with the Great Grandparents.  These two were having a ball together.
 We are loving the spring weather.
 Aunt Kylee got a trampoline, 
 and I love it the boys love it.
 Hudson just woke up one day and decided he'd like to start eating now. 
 This is how we know he's done.
 We have a family staying with us until they close on their house.  They have two little boys.  Hudson thinks their 20 month old is the bee's knees. He laughs just looking at him.
 Can anyone else not believe this baby boy is nearly nine months?