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Grandma Martha Turns 90

What a reason to celebrate!
 Hudson wanted his birthday cake a few months.
 Jack watching for motorcycles on the Gma Martha's porch just like his daddy did when he was little.
 Winking for Gma
Happy Birthday!


Life Lesson from an Ice Cream Truck

I noticed Ryder was being suspiciously quiet. I noticed he was on the back porch staring longingly at a family getting ice cream from an ice cream truck. He asked if we could get some, I said no. And then he did something very out of the ordinary for him as of late, he said okay. He was bummed, but he accepted my answer and went back to watching. I know not to pass up that moment, so I grabbed the change bowl and went to flag down the truck.

LESSON 1) When you don't throw fits when we say no sometimes we change our answer to yes. When you throw a fit, we always say no.
I had to dig out six bucks in change for two Ninja Turtle Somethings.  Two for six bucks.

LESSON 2) Getting things from the ice cream truck is a very, very, very special occasion
As I was paying Hudson grabbed the change bowl and dumped it and started eating the change.  Then as I was dealing with him, the driver noticed I had my camera and got out of the car and beckoned the boys to come stand near the truck. My mind was racing.  Save the boys from the man or Hudson from swallowing a penny. Thankfully, he just wanted to help me get them to pose, but as he drove off I was able to teach them 

LESSON 3) Never, ever, ever, ever, ever go to an ice cream truck or anyone's car you don't know if Mommy or Daddy aren't right with you. Ever, ever!
LESSON 4) Ice cream on a stick is messy.