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Warren Dunes

We met our friends, the Fowlers, up at Warren Dunes. Despite a rainy, gloomy day the weather cleared up and we had a wonderful evening.
 The big boys climbed the dunes
 while the little boys stayed back with the mommas and tried to eat things they found in the sand. 
Look at that hair!
This is the only way they would let us take their picture.
I'm pretty sure they had just as much fun on this rock as they did the beach and the dune. Gotta love the simplicity of kids.


Hudson's First Sleep Over

 Hudson spent his first night at Gsa Gsa and Papa's house last night. Looks to me like he had a ball.


Elkhart County Fair

Cousins, Hannah and Rachel, were showing goats for 4H this year, so we went to visit them at the fair. The boys were enthralled.
Jack and Ryder even spotted a freshly laid egg much to their delight.
We petted bunnies,
ate snacks while waiting in line,
Ryder rode rides,

Jack rode the carousel (it was the only thing he was tall enough for) and,
we wore ourselves out with a fun filled morning with the Leathermans.


Perfecting His Crawl

Three boys, three different crawls
If he is on a surface that doesn't allow for easy swimming on land crawling his way, Hudson will start to crawl on his hands and knees, but he always goes back to this method. I think it's the cutest thing ever.


Fun in Fort Wayne

This trip to Fort Wayne has been years in the making (literally), but we finally made it up there and had so much fun we were easily talked into staying an extra night. How can one resist when they are treated to free festivals, swimming, campfires, fireworks, and great company.   
 Hudson and his buddy, Uncle Ron. They were two peas in a pod the entire weekend.
 Jack was so brave and got on stage without his older brother to be in a limbo contest.
 Recreating the piano picture that is a right of passage for all the Kinder cousins.
We are already looking forward to visiting again.


Diving Board Fun

This was Ryder's very first time off the diving board. As you can see he has no fear of the water. On a side note, he starts his first swim lesson today!


Weekend Recap

While Brandon was off celebrating his thirtieth with his buddies in Indy, the kids and I headed to the Hankins' house for the night (Jimmy went with Brandon).  Then we stayed another night once the guys got home. We finished the weekend off with a cookout at Brandon's parent's house. Such a fun weekend.


The Pool

 How one mama gets her three little fish to pool by herself