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Miscelaneous Maine

 Hiking (and I use the term hiking loosely)
 An awesome learning center we visited. All ages were entertained.
 We visited Deering Oaks Park and water area. I loved taking Ryder here when he was a baby. He looked so big this time. It was much easier to a good picture when he was younger.
 Bath Buddies
 Hanging out at the Old Port after a delicious lunch at FlatBreads
 Visiting Portland Head Light at Fort Williams


Our Visit With the Reeds

We spent an entire day of vacation with the Reed family. When we used to hang out all the time there was only Ryder. Now we have quite the gaggle between us. I only managed to pull out the camera during our trip to the park. Thus only park pictures.


Higgins Beach

We made a quick stop to our favorite beach in Maine. It was too chilly to swim, but that didn't stop the fun. Note Hudson's hair. It was windy to say the least.


Camden, Maine

We visited a quaint town two hours north of Portland where Jonathan and Elania are renewing their vows this fall. The outdoor auditorium was so much fun and beautiful.
 Zachary and Hudson are two days apart.
Our attempt at a group photo. We have some characters.
 After we told them they were getting ice cream.


Driving to Maine

I was a fan of road trips before kids. We haven't taken any road trips since having kids (unless they weren't with us). Although we make frequent one to two hour trips none of the boys have been in the car for longer than a three hour trip. But the drive to Maine (18 hours) went so perfectly. I wouldn't change anything about our experience. I see many more road trips in our future!
 Maine or bust. 
Complete with the Marshmallow, our aptly named topper.
 Hudson sat in the back and kept an eye on everyone. He'd play with his toys, suck his fingers, and other baby things to stay entertained.
 Jack and Ryder sat in the middle (within reaching distance). They played with toys, read lots of books, and did busy bag activities to stay entertained. We realized about half way through our drive there that our DVD players were broken. Some tears were shed. But it was really fine once they recovered. The boys did great without them. They watched one movie on the i Pad on the way up and happily played or ate the rest of the time.
 Despite the fact that it was midnight, the boys got a little bolt of energy after we got into our room the first night.
 Even sleeping all in one room went much better than expected. 
 See what I mean about the bolt of energy?
I'm pretty sure we were all fast asleep with fifteen minutes of checking in the hotel.
 We did our best the next morning to burn off as much energy as possible. Between jumping on the beds and swimming, Brandon and I had three tired boys on our hands.
 Burning more energy at a rest stop.
 My view for the trip.
After a quick stop in Massachusetts to meet Baby Gracie, we made it to the Portland for a week of fun.