I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


Four and a half

It is joy to watch you grow, Ryder Joseph.


The Plague

 Whew! We are almost over whatever nasty virus hit our house the past two weeks. We are very thankful about that!
Jack felt so terrible that he kept falling asleep while watching TV on his special bed. That NEVER happens. If the TV is on my kids are watching. That's a fact.
 Ryder had to miss Papa Keith's birthday party, but he was so happy about the party favor Gma Susan sent home for him. This was his preferred TV watching spot.
There has been lots of TV watching going on around here trying to get the boys to rest. Let's hope we've paid our sickness dues for the winter. 


Preschool Photoshoot

One Ryder's first day I didn't quite get all the photos I wanted because we were crunched for time. So I tortured him again by making him pose for a few more pictures. I really just wanted one good one to recreate on his last day to show the growth over the school year. In true four year old fashion we hit every emotion in the span of a minute. On a side note, Ryder now cares what he wears. He has his preferred shirts and after avoiding button shorts all summer he now seeks them out to show off the fact that he can now button his own pants. This outfit is all his doing. It's fun to watch his personality shine through in his clothes choices. 
This little cutie requested his picture be taken after I was done with Ryder. Don't mind if I do.
 Hudson just happily sat and ate his cereal on the porch watching the circus.


Life Lately

 This day was a "move the dirty dishes to the other side of the sink and wash your baby after lunch" kinda day. Hudson loved every minute of it.
 The cicadas are out in full force around here and the boys are on daily hunts for them. This means lots of patiently explaining that "Mommy doesn't like to hold bugs, but yes, I think it is very cool".
 Hudson has turned into a climbing fool. I find myself surprised by his ability. I still imagine him as the baby, but he is doing his best to prove me wrong. Whenever possible, he loves to find his way to car and push himself back (he isn't able to go forward).
 One morning Ryder woke up way too early. I told him he could play quietly in his room. An hour later he was so proud to show me his parking lot. 
 The three boys are actually starting to play together a little. On this day Jack and Ryder built a lions den where they took turn watching after the lion cub while the other went out to hunt food. 
I love my lion cubs.
This is Hudson's new comfort go to: two fingers in mouth and playing with his hair with his other hand. I find it irresistibly cute. We'll see if I still think so in a few years. 


Ryder Started Preschool

 His face says it all. 
He was excited (and nervous about all the new kids) to go.
He LOVED it!
He walked right in, shook his teachers hand, and barely said goodbye to Brandon and me because he was so into exploring his classroom.
 We celebrated his first day with donuts for lunch. They must have known it was a day to celebrate because they had pirate donuts!
 Ryder sharing (on his own accord) his filling with Hudson
As we were leaving I remembered we had done the same thing almost a year before. It was much easier this time. And much less messy.


Great Friends

We had such a great time in Maine. Most of all because of these two families. Even though it had been over a year since we had seen the Pfaffs and over two since we had seen the Reeds, we picked right up as if no time had passed. So thankful for their friendships. 
Ryder asked me today if we could have as many kids as the Pfaffs and that we have to name one of them Dylan and one Race Car and one Tree Nut.