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Once again we headed down to Logansport on the 30th to trick or treat and pass out some candy. This day was much anticipated. Jack had been asking daily when Halloween was. So much so that we made a count down. The day after Halloween he asked how long until the next one. 

Hudson the roaring lion.
We made a few stops to visit some of our favorites in Logansport.
Then we stopped at Gma Susan's and Papa Chico's to pass out candy. It was so nice we just sat outside the entire night.
The crew including cousin Brennan. After much, much work this was the best I got.
The Hankins family stopped by to trick or treat.
Here is the only picture I got at our house on Halloween. We did some costume changes and we walked around our block trick or treating.
Halloween is a blast! 
The relentless begging for candy after Halloween, not so much.
 Ryder laying out all his candy so he can choose which one he wants to eat.


Hudson's One Year Photos

Let me know if you want any. I will actually order them a week from today and get them to you.

All photos by Jenny Hoke


Punkin Seeds

I adore the way Jack says "punkin", so when he was telling my about the seeds I asked him to say it for the camera. He then proceeded to actually call the camera "Camera" and "Picture" like they were their proper names. When I was finished he asked why they didn't talk back. 


Carving a Pumpkin

The boys got a pumpkin this weekend when they were with Papa and Gsa Gsa. They have asked every night since when we could carve it. Thankfully, Daddy came to the rescue. Mommy is not too into carving pumpkins. Ryder actually just wanted the finished product. He was grossed out by the entire process.
 Dancing to the Monster Mash while Daddy works.
 Jack did his own thing while Ryder and Brandon worked on the big pumpkin.
 Watch out for this kid!
 Admiring Daddy's handy work.
 The finished product.
Happy Halloween!



 They take such delight in helping with things. Now I just need to work on letting go of my preferences. Ryder likes to roll the towels instead of folding them.


He Stands!

 He just started doing this yesterday. He much prefers holding onto something, but sometimes I can trick him into standing solo. His big brothers are very excited for him and his accomplishment.
Walk, little dude, walk!


The Ry Guy

Four and a half has proven to be a really fun age. It is a perfect mix of little kid and big kid.
I am blown away by what a good brother Ryder is to Hudson. He genuinely loves to play and take care of him. I think the bigger age difference between these two versus him and Jack allow for a different relationship that is so sweet to witness. One day Ryder called me in to show me that he was holding Hudson. Ryder walks Hudson by offering his fingers for balance, he gently (and sometimes not so gently) says "no, no, no", he figured out a way to get Hudson (very safely) down the stairs since Hudson can't come down on his own, he offers toys, and always give a kiss before Hudson lays down. 
 I've enjoyed watching his imaginative play lately. 
  And the amount of things he can do for himself is nice too. Preschool has been good in fostering independence that I don't think I was allowing him to discover. It's been good for both of us. 
He loves all things sports, playing and watching. He's always sure to find out Daddy's favorite team before picking his. Today we were playing "basketball". He informed me he was a Colt, and I was a Cowboy. And Cowboys weren't allowed to score. Ryder loves dinosaurs and other ferocious animals. He loves sweets and dislikes meat. If you visit our house, Ryder must wave goodbye to you while you drive away. He'll remind you to honk your horn too. He sings along to songs in the van and likes to dance. He's a natural born leader or bossy depending on which way you look at it. Last weekend some friends gave us a box that there sink came in because they know how much our boys love boxes. Ryder has slept in it on his bed for week now. Ryder is sensitive and likes to help people. He's full of energy which is probably why he still takes an hour and a half long nap everyday. I just love our oldest baby boy and his kind, adventurous heart. 


My Little Buddy

With Ryder gone at preschool three mornings a week, Jack has been enjoying stepping up into the biggest brother role. He sole selector of songs played in the van, the lone dumper of ingredients into the mixing bowl, and the leader of where we go when we visit the zoo. I just love him and his sweet self. He is on a major apple kick, eating at least three a day. He loves to give gifts. He's been experimenting with yelling for no reason. It's garnered some giggles, so now he does it more often than I would like. Today he told me when he grows bigger he wants a watch like daddy with a tick tock on it. He loves snuggles after waking up preferably while drinking his chocolate "mulk" and watching "TD". He likes help going potty unless you offer him his love language, candy. He talks about it more than anything else. He loves his lovey, Sheepy, and is sure to cover her up so she doesn't get cold. I can't stop kissing his irresistible cheeks. If I tell him I love him, he always says he loves me back. I just adore my Jack William.


Hudson Budson

After finding out we were having our third boy I dreaded telling strangers. They would always make a comment about the baby not being a girl and having my hands full. But one day as I wobbled through Toys R Us a grandma stopped me, asked if I knew what I was having, and then got the biggest smile when I said boy. "My daughter just had her third boy (I can't remember how many she said) months ago, and he is a dream baby. Third babies are the best." It still brings tears to my eyes how much she comforted me with her words. And she was soooooooo right. Hudson is a dream! He is adored by all of us. The boys most of all. And despite being my third time around he is surprising me.
 I mean look at this. He is sitting next to a tower and not attempting to punch it, kick it, shoot it, head butt it, or karate chop it down. (On a side note, we left it up after we were done playing and within 3 seconds of seeing it Ryder asked if he could knock it down.)
 He likes to snuggle especially if he can get to his two fingers. He is wanting to attempt to color (and eat the crayons). I've always wanted a colorer but the first two were never interested. They still aren't interested. He's got a temper something fierce. He's a daddy's boy. Seriously, he cries for Brandon in the middle of night. He's not even close or interested in walking. 
When I was newly pregnant with Hudson I told Brandon how much I wanted a girl, but I would always feel like we didn't have our Hudson if this baby wasn't a boy. So when I say he is a dream baby, I mean it. 



Ryder and Jack are now in the same class when I go to MOPS. Their teacher sent me these sweet pictures of them playing together. Nice to know they get along once and awhile. They must be getting all their arguments out at the house. 
They are also in Awanas together. Ryder loves to show his brother off, and Jack is so happy to be able to go this year. 
 This of course turned into this...


A Night at the Park

 I just love the way Hudson is admiring Jack. The three boys are starting to actually play together, and it is the most beautiful thing. They are going to have so much fun once Hudson can really hang with them.
 EVERYTHING IS A RACE! Ryder wasn't in the lead which had to be rectified. Fast. 
 Ryder has been playing lots of catch and lots of batting. I'm thinking baseball/ t-ball is in our future. Look at the concentration on that face.
Brandon and the boys never grow tired of throwing crab apples and rocks into the river.