I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


Thanksgiving 2013

I did a poor job of taking pictures at our four Thanksgiving celebrations this year. We did manage a few.
 Jack helping me make Aunt Kristi's dirt pudding. As you can imagine, he loves this particular task. 
 Hudson bonding with August. He even said her name when we asked him to. He was really attached to her and wanted her to hold him lots.  
 The boys broke the wishbone. It broke exactly in half which was perfect since these two are so competitive with each other. 
Despite leaving Mishawaka with a good five inches of snow on the ground, we arrived in Logan with all our snow gear to find not a drop of snow on the ground. Brandon and Grandma Susan were nice enough to take the boys out to enjoy the leaves. 


Glimpses of the Past Year

I wasn't very good about taking videos this past year.  But what I did manage to capture is so special to me. It really is the little moments that I don't want to forget. Enjoy!


Life Lately

We are enjoying a slower paced start to November before the Thanksgiving celebrations start this Saturday. We've been having lots of relaxing fun. 
 Building forts
 This picture is pretty typical of my life right now: one upside down, one grump-a-lump, a laundry basket out in the middle of the room, and a messy table. It's the fun life. 
 I know there are so many things wrong with this picture, but when I spotted Jack sharing his yogurt with Hudson I let it all slide to capture the moment. They are starting to bond and play together while Ryder is away at school. 
 We've taken to visits to the toy aisle at Target again now that Hudson can join in the fun. 
 Say it ain't so! I'm really not ready for winter. These adorable winter hats help though.


Hudson Has Quite the Personality

He has learned "Thunderstruck" from listening to it in the van without us even realizing it. One day Brandon just noticed him singing along.
He likes to watch funny videos on the internet, but there are a few that illicit this reaction.
If he sees you dipping anything in anything, he wants to dip too. 


A little sunshine for your Sunday

Aunt Kylee taught him this little trick.
(For some reason you can't see my videos on Iphones for Ipads. It should work on your computer though)


Making a Comet

Gsa Gsa had to test out a science experiment for school, so she used the boys as her guinea pigs. Just one of the many perks when your grandma is teacher (and they have two).


Hudson's Adventures

Hudson took his first steps today!!! I didn't have my camera around, but he got quite the response from everyone. I can't wait for him to start toddling around. His lack of walking hasn't kept him out of trouble though. Take a look at some of his mischief.
 If the fridge is open, Hudson can be found making a bee line for it. His favorite activity is to reorganize the salad dressings.
 He might not walk yet but his climbing skills are out of this world.
He loves to go between being held and exploring the cupboards while I cook dinner.