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Most of the gang
 We partied hard. A serious dance party, sparkling cider, a firework, noise makers, and lots of children were all included.  
 Kid's countdown to 2014 (at 8 o'clock) 
Then all the kids were in bed well before 9 and the real partying began. 


Going to the Movies

 I couldn't retake this picture because two seconds after I snapped this blurry one Jack bumped Ryder and popcorn went flying. Oops! But they were excited to see Frozen.
 They did great. The movie was a great choice. No super scary or suspenseful parts. The snowman said butt a few times which tickled the boys to no end. Thankfully, they haven't been quoting him much.
Ryder wanted me to take his picture. He's the reindeer from the movie.



Jack and Ryder had their first skiing experience yesterday at Swiss Valley. Ryder did so well. Jack was a little scared and decided to wait until he's "four like Ryder" to try again. Already dreaming of future trips to slopes with my boys.


Christmas Fun

A few fun memories from the holiday season...
 Ryder is really into setting up scenes with his toys. He loved setting up any nativity scene anytime he saw one. "Momma, will you take my picture in front of my train?"
 He even let Hudson go for some rides.
 And when Hudson had to go take a nap, Jack got a new baby to ride the train.
 Jack always wants to take a picture with my camera. When he opened his bug gift he, of course, wanted to capture them.
Aunt Kylee got a foot and calf massager. Jack and Ryder were obsessed. They easily each spent a total of thirty minutes in there despite the fact that their little feet didn't come close to the bottom. Hudson even took a turn.


Christmas 2013

This was our second Christmas since being married to spend at our house. Just like last year it did not disappoint. Ryder moseyed out of bed around 7:30 and was happy to play the iPad in our bed as we waited for Jack to awake. When he did around 8, the four of us headed down to see what Santa had left us.
 Santa brought Jack his own Santa just like Jack requested. It plays the cutest song that the boys love to dance to. It is the cutest.
 Such a wonderful mess.
 Hudson finally rolled out of bed and had lots of help opening his gifts.
 Then he stole Ryder's race car and Jack's Santa.
 Love my little family.


Twas the Night Before Christmas

Papa and Gsa Gsa got the boys a recordable book that plays them reading them the story. I wrapped it up and let the boys open it a couple nights ago.
 They think it is just a book at this point.
 Finally putting together who is doing the talking. Ryder even tried to talk back to them.
Listening intently to every word.

Just a warning for Papa Joe, Papa Chico & Grandma Susan...I'm sending one to your house too. Prepare your reading voices.

Christmas Eve

We had a wonderful day with Brandon's family. The boys were extra rambunctious as pictured below.
 These two peas in a pod are always wrestling/ messing around with each other. I know it looks like Ryder is hurting him, but Hudson was eating this up.
 I kid you not when I say this was THE BEST picture I got after numerous attempts.
A perfectly staged matching Christmas pajama picture isn't worth grumpy parents. It is not real life either. So we work with what they give us. 


Oliver Christmas

The boys love Christmas Eve Eve with all their cousins. I have fond memories of playing with cousins at family gatherings. It's fun to watch them experience the same thing.