I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


The Month of January

 We are all going a little stir crazy and in need of our own space. Sadly, Ryder was spotted. And Jack, ever the problem solver, created himself a little nest to watch his big brother play the iPad.

 Jack made a sweet little drawing of Hudson.
 We watched lots of football. None of us guessed the correct winner of Super Bowl though. Womp womp.
 We emptied the playroom of half the toys to make room to run and play baseball. Hudson does whatever his big brothers do including batting.
Snuggle time with Hudson's favorite guy around.
 "Oh, were you trying to take a nap?"
 Ryder went on a skiing trip with Poppa and Gsa Gsa. Here he is in all his gear. He's on his way to becoming quite the skier.
 Jack and Ryder love to put these Mr. Potato Head glasses on Hudson. Hudson actually likes it and holds still while they put them on and then leaves them on. I walked in on him playing Magnaformers with the glasses still on his face.


Snowed In

The boys and I haven't stepped foot out of our house since Saturday around five o'clock. We've been finding all sorts of ways to entertain ourselves. A sword fight even broke out while I was doing dishes.
It has been a good slow few weeks around here. I have enjoyed them oh so much.